PINK – Hindi Movie

No doubt a solid script, a strong subject and equally impressive cast to deliver – Hats off to direction…well handled !
1. Pseudo modernism and the way society is gender biased, political clouts , and the way cases are painted in courts- everything is so well depicted.
2. We can understand – why and how girls are made victims – and many of them choose not to stand and speak out. Reason is simple- whole system stands against them and they dont have a Deepak Sehgal like lawyer to protect them.
3. We who have friends in BAR COUNCILS – JUDICIARY and POLICE knows very well that reality is much more drastic and brutal – this was a story told with very subtle human touch !

IMPORTANT: Trust is the key, and this is what is mostly betrayed, specially with woman in our society. To be or Not to be ….is a big riddle for any girl in MEENAL’s Shoes !
SPECIAL : Piyush Mishra who shared frame with Amitabh requires special applaud – it’s not easy to stand against a actor like him – I can imagine how much hard work and preparation might have gone to balance Amitabh’s effective presence !