PINK – Hindi Movie

No doubt a solid script, a strong subject and equally impressive cast to deliver – Hats off to direction…well handled !
1. Pseudo modernism and the way society is gender biased, political clouts , and the way cases are painted in courts- everything is so well depicted.
2. We can understand – why and how girls are made victims – and many of them choose not to stand and speak out. Reason is simple- whole system stands against them and they dont have a Deepak Sehgal like lawyer to protect them.
3. We who have friends in BAR COUNCILS – JUDICIARY and POLICE knows very well that reality is much more drastic and brutal – this was a story told with very subtle human touch !

IMPORTANT: Trust is the key, and this is what is mostly betrayed, specially with woman in our society. To be or Not to be ….is a big riddle for any girl in MEENAL’s Shoes !
SPECIAL : Piyush Mishra who shared frame with Amitabh requires special applaud – it’s not easy to stand against a actor like him – I can imagine how much hard work and preparation might have gone to balance Amitabh’s effective presence !


Kashmir and Indian Politics

Kashmir was always a tool for politics and political games. Truth is, no one was or is serious about it. Social media is full of images, showing crowd chasing and thrashing security men…who is stopping them to react or who wants a escalation to happen ?
No where in the world – politicians will intervene and let their forces get humiliation on streets like this- this was , is possible in India only.
All those sweet talks with Nawaz has failed perhaps OR BJP has given blank cheque to Mehbooba….otherwise, how can such a political blunder happen ?
Now look at the scene…
A young boy – took to guns, maintains a FB account…is tagged as INDIAN AGENT but one fine day- his IP is traced and he is finished !
Who controlled this jingoism ? And Why ?
This is easy for a novice like me to understand that every activity on internet is traceable- how come this guy was allowed to be a ROBIN HOOD and then one fine day- he is finished like a slice in cake !
And what happened after that was utter intelligence failure – and not failure of central intelligence agencies, this blunder has been done by elite agency like Military intelligence.
Is this possible ?
I don’t think so – as per my knowledge of how deep and well rooted connection are – this doesn’t go well with my understanding..
Thus..there is more behind the scene than we could have known and this was the fear perhaps why internet, media and phones were not operational.
Otherwise, if thousands of people give a damn to curfew, takes on security forces …chase them, kill them, beat them..all we can understand about it is, that its political impotency- nothing else !


India and module of democracy has failed very drastically. Where structure of democracy is NON FUNCTIONAL and power to rule is centralized in hands of groups knows as parties. They are immune- as no one can take action against them- they are immune as law and power protects them and now, they have started a new method which is known as OPEN LOOT.
Scam after scam after scam- where is my tax money going ? No one bothers …what about these buggers who are looting our money- no one cares.
This is mainly because people are divided and some leader, some Messiah has to arrive on the scene- may be INDIA could be saved.
We are heading towards big times of unrest….Congress has pushed this country on the lines where any given day- we can have unrest facing us.