China- Paradise of East, Shanghai Shopping [ Day 9 ]


Shopping in China is not a easy job. Most of us thinks of China as heaven for cheap, cheap cheap things- are wrong. There is no assurance whatever you are buying is original or it’s duplicate. What I saw in news of today , June 16th 2016 in China, was Owner of Alibaba claiming that duplicate things made in China are sometimes much better than originals.
Now, one can understand  how dramatic, confusing and difficult it is to find shops, malls and things you want to buy in your budget.
We earlier had tried East Nanjing and West Nanjing roads which are close to People’s Square but they are not for us. Branded shopping can be done in our home countries too- we were looking for something else.
And in last we found Fuyou Road and YuYuan Road , Garden region as heaven for people visiting this city and get to know the pulse and rhythm of it.
There is almost everything, too much here – prices depends on your understanding , communication skill. A ink pen which was 35 Yuan , I end up for two in 55 and still, I think I should have narrowed down more- but anyway, a deal is a deal.
Eating outside proved costly – I end up having upset stomach and whole night- just 6 visits to toilet was enough to drain me out.
I strongly suggest, not to try from roadside vendors – you never know what it is and how it is made and stored and what is level of quality of meat.
Impressed by what shopping items wee recce and listed and mental notes made- evening ends up in being soaked in heavy rain- changed trains and got bus to reach hotel.
I will cover trains and buses in separate post , a little bit of patience and understanding can save money and risk of using taxi in late night hours.