Spotlight – A Movie on Religion and Abuse

Thanks for Rohit Chakravorty for reference, and after watching frame by frame of this true story – I went back to journey of mankind from Cave era to present day of highest civilized genome we are.
And after watching this – I equally felt stunned and shocked as many of the viewers would have been. My childhood schools in India, were Catholics, never heard or felt anything like this but yes, have heard a lot about such abuse cases in Goa and in other countries. We can not deny – we can not pretend that it haven’t happened or is not happening. What shocks me was nature of crime, people who do that and people who gets their souls ripped apart.
Who so ever wrote this line was in-fact telling us a universal truth – ” Nearer to Church, Further From God” – all these fathers, brothers and Bishops were doing these inhuman crime, right inside Church – do they knew there is no “God” ?
The very fundamental of existence of God breaks down in pieces when closest entity to him is doing such acts.
Yes, there would be argument, that some rotten apples should not be cited for all – but its not a standalone example. Child abuse is linked with Church since decades – and this story starts from era of 70’s – yet,there is nothing we could do,or we can do about it.  I feel so comfortable today, that in very young age- I came out from religion, it was so soothing to be a freeman rather than a tagged one. Although after watching SPOTLIGHT – I also felt same rage, frustration, sorrow as people who suffer and investigated such heinous acts of Catholic Church. May be being a man, because man seems to have something wrong in genome – someday, I will go deep into psyche of man for doing such acts, because this is not pressure of evolution – atleast not since thousands of years and neither we can assimilate that there is really something cranky in DNA. As per my understanding of human nature, behavior and psyche is – repression is greatest factor for aggression. I think, the very system of monks, priests, sadhus is wrong and they do not contribute to society- which should have been the first priority.

While I pen down my gibberish of thoughts – which keep coming from many corners – i just keep on punching keys, hardly taking care of language, grammer and expression…my minds shifts to history. History do not paint exact picture because actors of such deeds knows they are doing insane and inhuman – but I can imagine what would have been happening when army wins over a army.   Right from ancient times- abuse was there- thus mental agony and emotional brutality also carries on since thousands of years. And I am not talking about history of India or SE Asia- I am talking about history of mankind.
Religion is alternative of power – this is why Child abuse was easily present in cultures like DEVDASIS- using children as sex slaves in Hindu temples. They not only served the sexual perversions of the priests and gurus but were used as prostitutes to bring in money. The poorest of the poor who often could not afford to keep a new child, left the baby in a temple assuming that the child would have a better life with the priests than with its parents. They doomed their child to a life of pain and misery.

Brahmanism was same , in every color and shape as organized religion of CATHOLICS. We all know , from Indian history books that,  while Brahmans were exploiting society in name of God in 17th Century [ This factor was major reason of Buddhism and Sikhism formation ] Bishops and Priests were doing the same in Western World.
So, these people knew- there is no God and God, if anyone up there and watching, recording KARMAS- might be looking back into his notes, where he messed up while making human DNA.
Readers might be on disagreement with my opinion, because it comes from a atheist – but does a validity, truth depends on who said that ? And here, we are not talking about hundreds, thousands of criminals – we are talking about millions who had committed and same amount who are right into it. Once again, I feel lighter and realized I walked on right path – Organized religion doesn’t take you to God – its man/woman within us which guides us for right and wrong.

While thinking to close my gibberish of thoughts – I went back to what Anushka Shankar said few months back. Although it was not linked with religion and her scars on soul – but yes, she is a victim of abuse.  I do not think stricter laws can eradicate- although it matters a lot, if people can gather courage to speak up- stand up and don’t let them go away with it.  Today, again – I miss Osho’s voice – his book !