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All in name of ‪#‎nationalism‬ or selective nationalism- India has been pushed smartly, towards polarization, on lines of religion and caste.
What a irony, if you dont agree, if you raise a question – you are ‪#‎antinational‬
Is Left taking advantage and is now overshadowing Congress now ? Few months back, CPI and other leftist were no where seen or heard – but I am of the view that what ‪#‎bjp‬ and ‪#‎rss‬ has done to themselves, they have created a strong voice in name of ‪#‎kanhayyakumar‬ and other youngsters. Will it be suicidal for BJP ?

Here is Dr.Subramanian Swamy and here is ‪#‎bjpfascist‬ face which is wide open and naked – on lines of DIVIDE AND RULE !

I do agree that India is country of youth, specially as comparable to Canada where #babyboom generation is going to be out from tax paying circle in 2016 onwards. Not many Indian knows about what is Baby Boom and how it formed policies, and changed ” West”.
For those readers, who want to go into skin of the subject. here is link :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_boomers

PRESENT DAY INDIA: Writer missed socio-political India , which is major reason for nervousness among youth today. Highly divide by profiling on lines of religion and caste- youth is depressed and nervous as there is no new industries, no new job sectors, depleting Govt jobs [ which were once a spine of middle class India ], increasing cost of living and fuelling environment which can turn into major disturbance / civil war in India. Lets start from the top :
Kashmir, divided in Hindu and Muslims- Hindus are settled in Jammu camps, supported by govt- they have reservations in education and jobs. Kashmiri muslim youth do not enjoy perks and is subject to scrutiny of forces and agencies. They are treated and looked upon with suspicion if they try to find jobs outside the state,
Youth of Punjab comes into lime light when #rahulgandhi stated 7 / 10 youngsters in grip of drugs. Mushrooming universities providing sub. std education which gives no platform for youth to compete for jobs.
Both boys and girls nurtures one major dream in life : Europe / North America immigration at any cost !
We have Haryana, Delhi, UP where youth is highly divided in religion and caste- so and so that honour killing, riots and genocides had left scars on many who falls victims. States like UP suffers from parallel govt., being tun by feudal lords.
North East has no participation in mainstream India- they are only seen in universities in Delhi.
Bihar and MP are well known for particpation in national stream of jobs and posts. This is where most pollitically aware youth comes to mainstream India –#kanhayyakumar is one such example. But Bihar was always under shady rules of feudal lords – Lalu and his family has tight grip on politics which belongs to UPPER CAST only.
Maharashtra, Jharkhand,Orrisa – this is where most IT and service sector comes from but also suffers from large scape unemployment. Forest regions are terrorism infested. Please note that Indian sports scene is heavily dominated by Orrissa players, and youth find jobs in Railways, Police, Paramilitary Forces and other sectors like banks and private sectors.
Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil: India’s major cream of youth comes from South India – this is our USD earning people who are into research, IT.Medical and immigrants / HB1 visa youth played major role in uplifting state and society.
I do not think, Indian political system has matured enough to utilize youth of India – or that they have to rise above religion and caste based politics- for that we need equality for all.

Canada is younger brother of USA but if present threat coming from socio political US is real or not- we have yet to see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxgpMLSK_I8
Canada and India can not be co