Kashmir and Indian Politics

Kashmir was always a tool for politics and political games. Truth is, no one was or is serious about it. Social media is full of images, showing crowd chasing and thrashing security men…who is stopping them to react or who wants a escalation to happen ?
No where in the world – politicians will intervene and let their forces get humiliation on streets like this- this was , is possible in India only.
All those sweet talks with Nawaz has failed perhaps OR BJP has given blank cheque to Mehbooba….otherwise, how can such a political blunder happen ?
Now look at the scene…
A young boy – took to guns, maintains a FB account…is tagged as INDIAN AGENT but one fine day- his IP is traced and he is finished !
Who controlled this jingoism ? And Why ?
This is easy for a novice like me to understand that every activity on internet is traceable- how come this guy was allowed to be a ROBIN HOOD and then one fine day- he is finished like a slice in cake !
And what happened after that was utter intelligence failure – and not failure of central intelligence agencies, this blunder has been done by elite agency like Military intelligence.
Is this possible ?
I don’t think so – as per my knowledge of how deep and well rooted connection are – this doesn’t go well with my understanding..
Thus..there is more behind the scene than we could have known and this was the fear perhaps why internet, media and phones were not operational.
Otherwise, if thousands of people give a damn to curfew, takes on security forces …chase them, kill them, beat them..all we can understand about it is, that its political impotency- nothing else !


Religion, History and Democracy in India.

Is really Aurangzeb was that fool and brutal or there is some cover up in history ?
My take is – a Mughal King would never ever let a rebel grow so close to him. He could have dealt with it easily – why, what happened in real that conclusion comes into beheading of Guru. He was kept for three month in captivity before producing at royal court in Delhi.

2. Here is one of the oldest image, a painting of mother Mary – and both doesn’t look like ” white ” as been depicted later. Jesus was not a white man !ma

We were being told Aurangzeb was a cruel and bad emperor but what makes me wonder is had this been truth..
1. There would not be a single temple survived.
2. It was so easy to crush religion and sects which Emperor do not like. Who is going to stop him / them ? They were rulers and they own life and death of all subjects.
I think we need more rational approach to understand what in real happened

Religion was always deeply embedded in politics and both domains are about control.
My argument is Moghuls were very open and tolerant- much more than talibanism we see today.
In same way, had King Constantine not converted to Christianity – scene would have been very different and once royalty changed into Christianity , then starts a long rein of various theologies and all were having one aim—- CONTROL. Ironically, BJP is also doing the same and it can not happen without mass level bloodshed- we are fueling may be biggest genocide if rss is allowed to play its vicious agenda.
Coming back to history and the way it has been manipulated – I think people who do not have courage to accept history, can not be termed as brave. They may be intelligent, naive, clever but certainly not brave.
ūü§ė Thus democracy is false and a covert attempt to corrupt and control. Thus I conclude human mind, behaviour was /is / can not be democratic – we understand language of pressure / baton. Politicians in India are no less than monarchy – they are above law .
Lallu son is Dy. Cm
Lallu illiterate wife was CM
Sukhbir badal is Dy.CM
CAS family is in politics
Gandhi family
Schindia Family
Mehbooba family
Abdullah family
Karunanidhi family

And list is long – where is democracy in above picture ?
It is dynasty rule- power to become rich and play God.
A primary teacher with 9 kids rules most trivial state in India. And half of its tenure was covert rule.
A surrendered bandit is MP and we wants to dream ” achhey din ” ??
India was never India – unless British make it India and before them it was centuries back when Maurya Dynasty make it a big nation.

History Full Of Blood – North India in 18th Century

History, they say repeats itself. Our forefathers came through this road- full of so much insecurity and bloodshed. That era has its share of patriots, gallantry and treasons….so do this era. But go through the scene- I am sure many of us will agree that we are so privileged to have this life in this era !


All across the city, gunshots were heard, explosions were set off, shops were looted and houses were set on fire. Clouds and plumes of fire and smoke were soon seen in every part of the city. Persian troops stood outside the burning buildings and then slaughtered the Indians as they made their way out, trying to escape from the fire, smoke and flames. Men were chased down alleyways and killed. Women were assaulted, raped and abducted, some had their breasts hacked off whilst others chose to commit suicide. Children had their bellies ripped open whilst babies were torn from their mothers’ arms, swung by their ankles and had their heads smashed against walls. The cries, shrieks and screams of those being killed, chilled everyone who heard them.
Areas of Delhi such as Chandni Chowk and Dariba Kalan, Fatehpuri, Faiz Bazar, Hauz Kazi, Johri Bazar and the Lahori, Ajmeri and Kabuli gates, all of which were densely populated by both Hindus and Muslims, were soon covered with corpses. Muslims, like Hindus and Sikhs, resorted to killing their women, children and themselves rather than submit to the Persians.
In the words of the Tazkira:
“Here and there some opposition was offered, but in most places people were butchered unresistingly. The Persians laid violent hands on everything and everybody. For a long time, streets remained strewn with corpses, as the walks of a garden with dead leaves and flowers. The town was reduced to ashes.”
Muhammad Shah was forced to beg for mercy.These horrific events were recorded in contemporary chronicles such as the Tarikh-e-Hindi of Rustam Ali, the Bayan-e-Waqai of Abdul Karim and the Tazkira of Anand Ram Mukhlis.
Finally, after many hours of desperate pleading by the Mughals for mercy, Nadir Shah relented and signalled a halt to the bloodshed by sheathing his battle sword once again
Casualties: It has been estimated that during the course of six hours in one day, 22 March 1739, something like 20,000 to 30,000 Indian men, women and children were slaughtered by the Persian troops during the massacre in the city.[2] Exact casualty figures are uncertain, as after the massacre, the bodies of the victims were simply buried in mass burial pits or cremated in grand funeral pyres without any proper record being made of the numbers cremated or buried

Sikhs free slaves
Meahwhile, The Khalsa bands got together and passed a resolution: “Nadir Shah must deliver a part of the booty he was carrying away from Delhi.” Nadir, on the other hand, felt that his reputation was a sufficient deterrent to anyone attacking him on the way. He had chosen the route along the foothills of the northern mountains to escape the heat of the plains. His baggage train being heavy-laden, lagged well behind his main force, and it was quite a shock for him to hear on reaching Akhnoor by the river Chenab, that all his slaves had been freed by Sikh bands, who had also seized a large share of his gold. Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia who had just turned 21, showed a glimpse of his greatness as a leader by planning those raids, and by escorting the freed maidens to responsible homes from where they could return to their families.
Zakaria Khan had accompanied Nadir Shah to Akhnoor, and Nadir asked Zakaria Khan who those Sikhs were. On being told that they were all bands of poor sadhus, without clothing or riches, he asked;
“Then why don’t you burn their houses down to punish them ?”
To that Zakaria replied,
“Their only homes are the saddles of their horses. They can last long periods without food and rest. They are known to sleep on horseback. We have put prizes on their heads, but their numbers keep increasing. They are never despondent, but are always singing the songs of their Pirs.” With a sigh, Nadir admitted that in that case the Sikhs would one day rule the land. Then he obtained a promise of a tribute of 2 million Rupees annually from Lahore, and confirmed the appointment of Zakaria Khan at Lahore and of his son Shah Nawaz Khan at Multan (where Abdus Samad Khan had just died).


We all know that elections are managed and this is entirely a different exercise, requiring a different expertese. If anyone of us feel that elections are faught with agendas, past work and future visions- he is living in fools paradise.

Yes- there are waves, like Sympathy wave is a strong example. Rajeev Gandhi vis-a-vis  Congress came back to power after death of Indira Gandhi- is perfect example of sympathy wave.

But what is going to happen in 2014 ? Many elites are spendning sleepless nights over this question. And once again, area of concern is domestic and international situation and their impact on Indian politics. While- I try to explore this- I would like our readers to note that I suspect heavy horse trading is going to happen in 2014- and once again independant, small regional parties are going to have real steak !

Americans are struggling with their issues in Afghanistan. With old buddy Pakistan not singing same song- americans and in big trouble. They have taken out 40K soldiers and remaining 60K have to leave Afghan soil in 2014. Major problem is machinery, vehicles and other stuf which can not be airlifted- as this will cost too much. America needed land route – and someone to handle this country after their exit. They made their main gameplan with PAK in sight- they provided billions to PAK but seems PAK twisted their arm so well that now they are crying with pain. In such scene- India’s role in Afghanistan came under double pressure as sabotage from Afghans and Pakistan both agencies manages well to nip India in croner.

Obama knows – Congress is buddy. Obama knows if BJP comes in power- they will give him tough times. So, CIA and foreighn department is very much interested to see Congress back in power. So and so is love for America , Manmohan Singh is running to USA- this month talking nuclear fuel and much more [ ? ] which shows there is more into the story which is being told. CIA and Foreighn department have their own methodoligies to work in such domains and we all know violence is their prefered tool. Thus, there are chances that India in 2014 may go in turmoils like short/long conflicts, unrest, political killings.

China, on the other hand is keeping tight grip on the region. Its presence in Bay of bengal and Indian Ocean is so mighty that India is insecure about it’s breathing on neck. China is right now present in Maldieves, POK, Islands near Sri Lanka and keeping eye on Andaman Nikobar. China is happy with Congress regime as they played cool to situations arising from infilitration in border regions. China doesn’t like dealing with likes of Modi/BJP because they have a definite roadmap which doesnt go well with Chinese plans. And what it fears most is loosing business with India- which rises to new heights in Congress regime.

Pakistan, Oh Boy !¬†We all know Congress holds special place in heart and soul for Pakistan. Congress is so much in love with them that sometimes it feels like they have love pangs for them. The way Congress handles trivial issues like beheadings, inflitrations, and recent backlash from Nawaz about Kashmir ..in it’s own way which Pakistan do not beleive BJP /MODI will allow to happen. Pakistan loves congress because they are confortable with them. Some international politics observers even feel that Indian stance for Pakistan comes dictated from Obama personaly.

Now- in this scene- BJP has to try very hard to keep it’s house intact. Polaraization inside BJP will be major setback to organization. Where BJP needs lot of maturity and party lines clear, which I doubt they have or wanted to..coming year is not as easy as few BJP/MODI supporters think. Specially independant and small parties will also make injuries to both Congress and BJP.

I am of the view- that Congress which gave highest scams, shameless politics will be doing high bidding in horse trading. BJP seems to have less money- we have yet to see which business house or international force stands with them….So far, as of now- Congress has better chances to “manage” 2014 elections unless. I personaly see no difference between both- although MODI led BJP is expected to behave much in order as compared to great economist led Congress !



PAKISTAN: America rules pakistan via proxy. Zardari and others did well and Musharraf got carried away by facebook discussion and rhetoric.
Pakistan seems to have defeated India vis-a vis Afghanistan when it blocks USA from it’s role and extended hands to Afghans. So is the promise and shake hand that in 2014- Afghanistan is going to be another muslim nation.
America is trapped in Afghanistan – it had taken out 40K soldiers and another 60K are waiting. Billions of dollars of equipment is lying there which they can not lift by air. They need safe exit and safe exit is Pakistan-Karachi port.
Here comes politics of opportunities – denial of PAK to help USA had risen the stakes. America is desperate to end this saga within budget and with face saving exit. With Pakistan out of friends list- America is trapped. This war of a decade – they had already lost – and this cost them in trillions of dollars- more than Vietnam cost them. 2014 is going to be very sensitive for Asia – as roles will be defined , re defined and game will be played on hot surface.

INDIA: Much of India game is America specific as PAK played it’s smart moves. They milked USA in name of support and their support was heavily charged too. USA was billed heavily and lot of Gen. and ministers made good money. INDIA- seems to be lured and was in loop for role in Baluchistan. In 2011-12…INDIA dominates the scene, importance there and at one time pushed PAK out from Baluchistan.
I do not know exactly – what happened but something happened that INDIA was pushed to the corner. PAK gained value and twisted US arms to extract last installment of millions before they raise their hands.
USA insisted that INDIA and PAK should be on good terms so that they dont start any new conflict – it was not in their favour as Afghanistan is already burning. Catch 22 – where USA dont want INDIA to be big boss – it himself can not play that tole and PAK is a dangerous boss- they have to pay heavily for it.

Manmohan Singh’s love pangs for pakistan can be understood. India under no condition wants conflict with PAK- this is what PAK needs to provide a alibi to US…that it is forced to take INDIA seriously on borders.

Otherwise, how come Nawaz …started singing a different SA RE GA MA ?
CONCLUSION: Wrong policies and in lust to play some role in Afghanistan- India has to see that it is tough to handle them in their own ground. Tomorrow- when USA will leave – and with their last take off…..India has neither capability nor ability to handle that ground without paying cost which may not be acceptable back home.
This is time when we relook at the stakes …..and specially with home issues burning and slipping economy…Congress has lot to do in it’s own drawing room !


India and module of democracy has failed very drastically. Where structure of democracy is NON FUNCTIONAL and power to rule is centralized in hands of groups knows as parties. They are immune- as no one can take action against them- they are immune as law and power protects them and now, they have started a new method which is known as OPEN LOOT.
Scam after scam after scam- where is my tax money going ? No one bothers …what about these buggers who are looting our money- no one cares.
This is mainly because people are divided and some leader, some Messiah has to arrive on the scene- may be INDIA could be saved.
We are heading towards big times of unrest….Congress has pushed this country on the lines where any given day- we can have unrest facing us.