A lesser known mountain range of Himalayas. Shivaliks run 2400 kms- almost parallel to greater Himalayas with width of 10-50 kms and it is most youngest formation of Himalayas.
From Indus to Brahamputra – elevation varies from 1500- 2000m. Arguably highest point would be considered CHURDHAR PEAK 3647m near Solan in Himachal Pradesh.

Shivaliks receives very less rainfall thus most of the mountain range is bushy, seasonal agriculture and major source of fruticulture of North India.Most of pear, peach, plum, citrus, mango, raisin grapes.

Shivaliks shot into fame when prehistoric fossils were recovered in a village in Distt. Sirmaur of Himachal Pradesh. Government constructed a museum where plethora of skeletal remains of different groups of skulls and limbs of mammals, skulls of hippopotamuses, tortoises, gharials andcrocodiles, tusks of 22 species of elephants, rocks and charts and paintings related to the several aspects of plants and animals life of the past and present. The stone items on display belong to the Early Palaeolithic Man. Also preserved in the museum are fossils of two genera of extinct primates, Sivapithecus and Ramapithecus.The museum also houses antiquities unearthed by Captain Cautley in the area, from which he dug out the remains of Asia’s oldest human ancestor.

A shot look at slopes and cuts of mountain clearly shows huge sedimentation which is marked by presence of mud and rounded stones with clear markings of water flow thus establishing that once this whole region was under water. Scientists believe it took millions of years for rivers to cut down and form present bed of valleys.


Flamingo Shoots – Bhigwan in India

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Weather in Himalayas and of plains of North India [ April 2010 ]

Plains of North India are burning. With Temp. rising above 40 Degree celcius- this is going to be long and tough summer for India. Even mountains are HOT as Shimla is undergoing HOT SUMMER and there is no feeling like a mountain retreat up there. Collers/ AC’s and FANS are IN and gone are the days when people used to visit SHIMLA for some coll air. Same way, there is no respite from heat upto MANDI and only after crossing MANDI- you feel little cool air coming inside. MET dept. is confused as British and Japanese have different views about monsoon predictions- based on EL NINO. CONCLUSION: Best time for trekking, climbing, camping

Some memories of Sjoba Rally-2009


SJOBA is the alumni association of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh, voted as amongst the top 10 schools in the country by Outlook magazine. SJOBA was founded in 1980 and now has over 2,500 strong members and a global presence with a Chapter of the Americas also. Apart from the Rally, SJOBA organizes various events through the year like the SJOBA Winter Ball,  Blood Donation Camp and the Mini Marathon.

The idea of Motor Sport came into being, when SJOBA decided to do something for the region. Ideas were thrown about and SJOBA decided that motor sports would be its forte. So, the first SJOBA Motorcycle rally was held in 1981 and this graduated to the SJOBA Open Rally in 1982 where, for the first time, amateurs in the region were exposed to motor sports in a professional way.

Himalayas closed for serious treks and climbs.

Yes, weather changes and sudden snowfalls have closed MANALI- LEH route and with this serious high altitude treks of Ladakh, zanskar, Lahaul and Spiti have closed. Himachal Pradesh too is feeling brunt of sudden change in weather and inclusing KINNER KAILASH CIRCUIT, all tough options have been closed by HIMADVENTURES.

Trekkers and travellers coming to India are welcome to explore lesser known region of SAHYADRI MOUNTAINS in Central India which is home to Tribal villages, wildlife regions and ancient caves and temples.You can reach by train – ONE DAY JOURNEY from DELHI or land up in Mumbai.

Please visit: or contact 919878903221, 919915160121

Tribal Village Hut- Sahyadri Mountains
Tribal Village Hut- Sahyadri Mountains


Coastal trekking is not as popular in India as it should be. Not very takers for walking along with the huge coastal line India offers. No one has explored much in this erena except trekking in Goa which is reduced to walking from one beach to another but a serious route has yet to be established.

I suggest to hardcore trekkers to explore this scenic land starting from North Goa to South Goa. North Goa does not have plam trees and most of the time you will be walking under Sun- so start early if you do not like a Sun tanned skin.


Same situation is in Kerala – not much takers for coastal trekking which could have been a boon for looking deep into village lives of people living at coast.