Menstruation Cycle and Trekking

There is lot of wrong information about woman trekking in menstruation cycles. I am of the view that everyone is different and periods can be a serious factor, can become life threatening too.
I will divide my point of view in low level – easy trekking and high altitude -moderate to tough level of trekking.
Most important factor which effects female body while trekking is Hemoglobin and bleeding time. Hb [ Hemoglobin ] is vital component which provides iron to all vital organs of body and BT which is known as bleeding time is time when a cut / bleeding stops. If a woman trekkers has low Hb , she is very much prone to get trouble in periods- and main symptom is nausea, weakness, vomiting which in extreme cases, may cause trekker to collapse.
Low Hb can be due to many reasons, mal nutrition, radiation / chemotherapy, medicine induced, genetic issues are common reasons – and if proper treatment is avoided, strenuous exercise of trekking may cause severe pressure on vital organs of body. Bleeding time which can be effected by being diabetic, blood thinner medicines, alcohol can be deadly as bleeding once started takes too long to stop or don’t stop. This nonstop flow can be fatal in remote regions of Himalayas.
Now, we can well imagine what would happen to a female trekker who is in high altitudes. Rigorous exercise may prove fatal and in absence of correct diagnose and treatment – too much loss of blood can happen.
Everyone is different. Get your blood tests done and do meet your Gynecologist before you set foot out. If you are fine with your pathological reports, you are good to go.
There is one more serious condition which most urban woman suffer from, Pelvic Swellings. There could be many normal or serious complications one may have but most prominent factors are : ‎Endometriosis – ‎Ectopic Pregnancy – ‎Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – ‎Ovarian Cyst.
Gynecological analysis and understanding is very much important and selection of trek should be according to fitness and experience. Please keep in mind that Himalayas do not have rescue and medical services as developed countries have – thus a negligence or ignorance can be life threatening out there.
And if one lands up into circumstances where you yourself or any fellow trekkers suffers from weakness, bleeding or pelvic pain, evacuation and bringing the trekker to lower elevation is thumb rule.


Cheena Malhotra – Upcoming Woman Photographer of India.

According to Cheena,

Expression of Art: I don’t remember how I was fascinated by camera- but I love to take pictures and my father provided me ample opportunity to try my hand with point & shoot camera. I was quick to learn, and experimented a lot by taking pictures with various settings.

It was again destiny that I was provided an opportunity to buy a DSLR and my hunt for best one ends up at NIKON 7000D and from that day onwards, my life changed.

Me, Myself and Camera: I was soon familiar with this powerful source of creativity.  So, I started going to nearby places, shooting in Pune University,  Backwaters, Sunrises and Sunsets and very soon through social media, I happen to meet like minded people who were dedicated to passion of photography.

Had an opportunity to travel distant places, learning ropes about how to handle shoot, focusing and all this in sometimes adverse weather conditions, fighting hunger, thirst, sun and rains. I enjoy …I love ….and this is what my soul belongs to. I had been to Hampi, Kokan Region of Coastal Maharashtra, North India and Bhigvan-Maharashtra for shoots.

She is busy these days in giving finishing touches to her website:
Her facebook page is also becoming popular :

Her main focus is on nature and landscape but she had tried her hand on wildlife which is a new beginning, a new experience. Cheena, is working as Software Engineer with a MNC in India and recently has finished her travel of Kerala and Sikkim in North East of India.

Himadventures –

Himadventures , through it’s website had made an deep impact in adventure and outdoor operations in Indian Himalayas and Western Ghats of India. Coming from a group of mountaineering instructors from Western Himalayas- they started operations a decade back and slowly slowly gain popularity in high altitude treks and mountaineering expeditions. Their operations was not limited to traditional trails- they explored further with Japanese for snowleopard trails in upper reaches of Kinnaur.
People from NASA and other prestigious institutions from all over the world choose them to trek and climb with. They boast of no-accident decade of operations and also took active part in rescue in Leh and Uttaranchal cloud bursts.  In these rescue operations- they not only worked hard to take out their clients- they also helped others to come to safety.Today, British schools and colleges are most comfortable in dealing and trusting them with young lives and is now a name for trust worthy operations in high altitudes of himalayas of India.

Heavy rains lash Chandigarh, surrounding areas of Punjab and Haryana

Intermittent spells of moderate to heavy rain Saturday morning, accompanied by strong winds and thunder, brought welcome relief from summer heat to Chandigarh and its surrounding areas.

Heavy rains lashed Chandigarh and various parts of Punjab and Haryana Saturday morning, bringing down the mercury in this region.

Chandigarh recorded a minimum temperature of 22.2 degrees Celsius Saturday morning, which was five notches below normal. Besides, this centrally administered city recorded a rainfall of 36.2 mm in the last 24 hours.

‘We had light rainfall in various parts of this region Friday night and heavy showers this morning. This trend is going on for the last couple of days. Whenever mercury starts soaring, we have rainfall to bring it down. This is due to the movement of western disturbances over this region,’ a met official told IANS here.

‘We are expecting similar conditions to continue for the next four-five days. Though this is not unusual, the frequency of showers has increased in June this time. We are expecting the actual monsoon to arrive in this part of the country by the end of this month,’ he added.

Punjab’s Amritsar city recorded a minimum temperature of 23.4 degrees Celsius Saturday morning while Patiala (12.6 mm rainfall) and Ludhiana (27.6 mm rainfall) settled at a low of 23.3 and 21.7 degrees Celsius, respectively.

In Haryana, Ambala received heavy rainfall of 63.5 mm and recorded a minimum temperature of 22.8 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, Hisar recorded a minimum temperature of 27.1 degrees Celsius.

Heavy rains, broken roads, floods, landslides in North India

Certainly not a good time to be up there. Mountain states are going through rough patch of time where heavy rains have washed away bridges, created swelling in rivers- thus floods in lower areas.

Deaths and destruction is for those who got trapped and ater is running fast towards DELHI.

NOT a good time for trekking, climbing in Himalayas.

Weather in Himalayas and of plains of North India [ April 2010 ]

Plains of North India are burning. With Temp. rising above 40 Degree celcius- this is going to be long and tough summer for India. Even mountains are HOT as Shimla is undergoing HOT SUMMER and there is no feeling like a mountain retreat up there. Collers/ AC’s and FANS are IN and gone are the days when people used to visit SHIMLA for some coll air. Same way, there is no respite from heat upto MANDI and only after crossing MANDI- you feel little cool air coming inside. MET dept. is confused as British and Japanese have different views about monsoon predictions- based on EL NINO. CONCLUSION: Best time for trekking, climbing, camping

Some memories of Sjoba Rally-2009


SJOBA is the alumni association of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh, voted as amongst the top 10 schools in the country by Outlook magazine. SJOBA was founded in 1980 and now has over 2,500 strong members and a global presence with a Chapter of the Americas also. Apart from the Rally, SJOBA organizes various events through the year like the SJOBA Winter Ball,  Blood Donation Camp and the Mini Marathon.

The idea of Motor Sport came into being, when SJOBA decided to do something for the region. Ideas were thrown about and SJOBA decided that motor sports would be its forte. So, the first SJOBA Motorcycle rally was held in 1981 and this graduated to the SJOBA Open Rally in 1982 where, for the first time, amateurs in the region were exposed to motor sports in a professional way.

Nande Devi:Four Climbers of Indian Army Missing

Four mountaineers of Indian army on a expedition to Mt. Nanda Devi are reported missing. Rescue had been stopped due to bad weather.
Uttarakhand is going through weather disturbance which caused heavy rains in this region since a week. A seven thousander peak which is still a challenge for climbers since early 1940. Indian govt. had closed Nande Devi sanctuary and also climbing this mountain after reports of spying and installation of monitoring instruments by CIA published in media. This stimulates many deaths on the mountain-resulting in it’s closer. Now- sanctuary is open for trekkers who obtain permit from govt. to enter in it.