Mazda and It’ methods of business in Canada.

My recent interaction with Mazda Canada [ @mazdacanada ] forced me to pen down my experience which was not only shocking but also unacceptable in a country like Canada.
First of all , let us explore their product and specially the one, for which I choose #mazda over #honda. Compact SUV CX-5 managed to leave a impression as soon as I saw this car. I was specially impressed by  innovation Mazda of Japan has done to compete in market which was mostly taken by HONDA CRV, TOYOTA RAV 4 and NISSAN ROGUE, although SANTA FE from HUNDAI also managed to make its presence felt.
Although a big HONDA fan, I decided to go with CX-5 while family members were not that keen for it- almost everyone asked me to go for HONDA if not ROGUE.
Anyway, talking with SALES team at #abbotsfordautomall made me sure that whatever is being told to me , has lot of margin in that. I was offered different figures by two different sales persons.
I had decided to go with #vipmazda- and the day, I was all set for delivery, I came to know about two different / new information which was not told me earlier.
1. Warranty [ Bumper to bumper is for three years only ]
2. You have to buy INSURANCE plan from dealer only.

VIP MAZDA @vipmazda #vipmazda informed me for insurance amount being 1 million which was raised to 2 million by me voluntarily because all our vehicles are insured for 2 millions. #vipmazda people didn’t guide or help that I could have shifted my insurance policy from OLD TRUCK to this new car. The guy over there was interested in selling a policy than helping client.

I raised question by tweeting them @mazdacanada and I was informed that some sort of inquiry / looking into this complaint will be done. But what I got was reasons and arguments which were COVER UP and certainly not based on truth or facts.
#vipmazda did not reply back when told that their arguments are wrong and untrue because it was never amount of insurance which was reason/ discussion point there – they asked for 1 million > I escalated to 2 million and after 2 weeks I further enhanced it to 5 million.
CONCLUSION: @mazda #mazda is very good vehicle, good technology but if you have made up your mind , DO NOT buy from such dealers.



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