If we go by psychology – there is NO element in human behavior /trait which can be termed as BRAVE or COWARD.
Then what we mean when we label someone with A BRAVE MAN or a COWARD ?
My experience is BRAVERY is spontaneous reaction – OR / AND an experienced act which is backed by confidence and planning.
Best example is woman fighting with tiger or leopard to save her kid. Now, this situation doesn come with experience and not even from confidence. This is FIGHT or FLIGHT syndrome which is generated by sudden flow of complicated function of hormone release : Adrenaline, Dopamine plays havoc in bloodstream and if you ever could note- its wide pupils, paced up breathing, sweating, and above all warm skin and die hard focus on the subject….and in this jargon of chemical secretions working in their complexity, a frail woman is pitched against a wild animal and in this fight – mostly she wins this fight and from here you can understand power, stamina and handling of injuries she suffered in this fight.
Now, another example of FIGHT or FLIGHT is of soldier in a battle ground. In ancient times- there was strong role of substance usage while going into war zone. This further has its own merits and demerits but MARIJUANA and other CANNABIS based derivatives were RITUALS. This is mostly Indus Civilization – in Europe, Alcohol and weeds were used and in China- Opium, Alcohol and weeds !
A Soldier has ” Job” and “Experience” – Doing a job tell him what to do and how to escape from danger and experience tells him, how he has accumulated in past. He has his own calculations- he knows his limitations and he knows almost every possibility and when he steps in danger zone – same rush of ADRENALINE, DOPAMINE and others gave him same kick …and here comes critical role of ” Constant Evaluation” – Solider who is aware, keeping and eye on his surroundings, continued changing situations …is guaranteed to handle himself , his team better than the one who is delirious and in all most a SUICIDAL. There comes arguments like HONOR and REPUTATION in these choices but if we go deep into it and try to understand …there is nothing like HONOR or REPUTATION. We can understand this as TACTICAL TOOLS – Commanders use these techniques for getting maximum out of solider in war zone- they dont want them to panic and run !
EXAMPLE: We feel so proud of SIKHS fighting with BRITISH – they were heavily outnumbered – and they didnt have technological advantage. British had guns and cannons and SIKHS were pitched with swords. This is on record, that SIKH SOLIDER mounts his horse, yells his war cry and charge towards line of Cavalry – result is easily imaginable !
My point of view about this day / situation is entirely different than most friends – There needed to be withdrawal and Gorilla Warfare.
This is what MONGOLS used to do – and MARATHA and this was perhaps one of the major factor for both armies to sustain pressure generated by MOGHULS like AKBAR THE GREAT [ Daultabad Fort, where AKbar spent 6 months – All the way from Delhi to Central India …but could not succeed – accepted defeat and withdrew ]
I would like to mention another choice and situation here – in Above example, leadership had choice but in war zone when you are outnumbered and are under pressure – human action is again generated through same complex chemicals …which defines FIGHT or FLIGHT. This is what happened in SARAGARHI – there was no choice – they have to handle it …making it as long as possible so that there could be backup support – it was acceptable result , which every solider knew in back up of mind, almost in same way what we realize when driving a car…that there are always chances of accident , even if its not your fault. But hope and confidence 🙂 We face thousands of possibilities daily and life moves on !
If readers understand this process – they can also now have a vision of what happens in FLIGHT. Its by choice always. Same process happens but conclusion comes into flight and we run away from danger, from challenge , from threat.
There is nothing wrong in his training, and there is possibility of experience also but complex chemicals secretions when acting all of a sudden…may trigger shock, confusion and errors in understanding and calculation of threat posed…..thus happened a planned FLIGHT.
SUMMERY : No one is brave or coward – it all depends on action, execution and above all constant watch over fast changing surrounding factors which determines results. In same way, being COWARD is not always bad or negative- history tells us that those who choose / learnt to withdraw….they sustained for longer time.


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