Woman in China

Woman in China is secure, enjoys her freedom and works very hard in whatever field she is working into. China, as Asia’s biggest economy and manufacturing giant, no doubt has a very strong and dedicated female participation in this achievement.

One can see Chinese woman working almost in every field like shops, cabs, hotels, restaurants, bus drivers, agents, taxi drivers besides they are in traditional sectors like Education, Army, Hospitals and in factories manufacturing almost everything in the world.

This was a pleasant experience to see them enjoying their freedom, as they almost seems to be in total control in hospitality sector of Chinese Railways, Chinese Airports /Planes/Airports , Chinese Bus Stands and they work shoulder to shoulder with male counterparts without any visible discomfort.
During my stay of two weeks and travelling extensively from Shanghai to Tibetan Plateau, not a single time I was able to see any man taking interest in any woman, ogling or staring at someone. Now, this observation also includes those faces too, which I marked as “Not Good” .
I saw them travelling alone late night metros and bus services and even driving cabs in night. As a India born, such sight in a Asian country, I am sure is rare. A strong economy comes from a safe and secure woman. I am sue, India has to learn a lot from China. What Chinese aggression and heavy headedness is promoted by international media – I could not see any such trait in them.
I haven’t noticed anywhere in China where they are going “over” – it looks as they know and understand importance, responsibility of their role and they are equally acknowledged by their companion and families.
Chines do not show much “ Westernized “ emotions in public and love and romance is limited to hugs, a arm around waist like gestures. Husbands/ Boyfriends were seen holding woman purses – and she was leaning to his arm or freely walking carrying herself like a queen.
One more thing, which I so far, could not see is, anger and aggression in male voice while interacting with woman in public. And not only anger or aggression, I have yet to see teasing, leg pulling like common male traits. I don’t think such behavior might not be there, but it seems they are careful in their conduct in public.

I had my share of crooked and pissed of woman working in pharmacies and shops, where they were least interested in exploring ways to communicate with a alien, they simply negate..” May Yo “ is big NO, as soon as you try to make a conversation. But such simple and natural experiences are acceptable in a country where Non-Chinese speaking people are aliens.


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