China : Paradise in East, Xining to Shanghai by train [ Day 7,8 ]

back-shanghaiBy now, we were used to procedures and methodologies.  Our train from Xining to Shanghai  was on 9.30 AM and by 8 we were entering in Xining Railway station. Biggest setback for a foreigner , traveling in China by train is if one is told, this is not the correct station.  There are stations like Xining West, Xining North and so on. One have to be sure that Taxi driver understands you correctly, and best method I found was showing them train ticket.  So far, so good although there is room for time to move by taxi from one station to another..
Anyway,  train stations are just like airports- I could not find any difference. They are super clean,  people movement is under disciple and everything is in order and at place. It was easy to find our platform,  I confirmed I am at right place by showing ticket to a railway officer.
Settling down, purchased water, instant noodles and snacks.  At 9.0 AM, we were checking in- this procedure is done by making lines and tickets, their validity is checked electronically and public is allowed to board train which is parked with attendants standing outside their coaches.
This was SOFT TOP seats, this means two berths  at one side – and it was a cubical of 4 seats.  There was TV for every seat but it was not working. There was restaurants, we had one of the best  food , thanks to a English translator but it comes expensive too- we spent 126 Yuan on this Lunch which is way expensive for a traveler or mediocre Chinese.
June 14th 2016 – We reached Shanghai at 12.20 PM and after walking in Sun, realized that we reached at wrong hotel but right chain of hotels. All ends well- booking shifted and it was time to watch Euro Football – only channel one can enjoy at present.
Its 8.0 PM and I am hungry – going out for experimenting another encounter, you have to have lot of patience as no one understands you and you don’t understand anyone !


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