China : Paradise in East, Visiting Danxia GeoPark [ Day 5 ]

danxia-geoparkWe started late from Jhangye but got bus ready for Danxia. It was 40 kms.  Travel and I didn’t miss typical Punjab driving this time. It was a sheer contract of driving rules and behavior I saw in Shanghai but here, I was seeing rash and risky drive – thank heavens, bus driver was not speeding.
We were dropped at roadhead – gate of GeoPark was 500m walk. Sun was harsh and need of umbrella was realized.  After purchasing water bottle, we paid 120 Yuan [ 60 / Person ] in which 40 Yuan is park entry and they charge 20 for Bus ride.  Bus leaves you at one site and move on with passengers who had seen that  site – you are free to spend your time at this site. Come back and board  a waiting bus- move to next site. Almost every site has considerable stairs to climb – but this is worth of the effort. Views were stunning, almost unnatural –  Sun through clouds provided every possible shade for some classic clicks. In this manner, we hoped from one site to another  and by evening, we finished a tiring day under Sun and climbing thousands of stairs.
Danxia is super natural, almost artificial…without understanding rock formation , chemical reactions- it is impossible to understand how surface of a huge lake turns upside down due to tectonic plate collisions and then various chemical reaction on sediment rock, made such a beautiful colors and formation.
Some pointers..
1. If you do not want to climb stairs – drop idea of going to Danxia that day.
2. Patience is a virtue – you can read clouds,if any or rain but good shots comes with light…so make a habit to wait. There is no rush – buses are there….just do justice to the scene.
3. You need a hat , sun cream and water …make sure you have these things in your backpack when you start from Zhangye – you may regret severely later, if you don’t.

4. Wear light and easy cloths if possible – long shoots and lot of stairs may be a headache in long exposure to Sun.


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