China : Paradise in East [ Day 3 ]






We had to pack up today, our train for traveling to Tibetan Plateau was leaving Shanghai at 12.05 PM and by 9.0 AM we were all ready to move out. Same old coffee and cereals help us in fixing up a healthy breakfast.  Traveling in metro in China is very fulfilling experience for we Indian born.  One can see people going to work, business and how to behave, act in public. People coming from all almost, every walk of life, almost every genre and character.  I was once again watching youth, middle aged and Old generation of Chinese , all happy and contended. They are helpful and very positive people. Could not see depressed and sad and bored people. You can hear someone talking, women always find subjects to exchange notes J
Shanghai railway station was a shocking experience – it look like a International airport and railway system is tweaked in a way that thousands of people are handled without any practical difficulty.
Everyone shows ID and ticket before they enter in main building and then they move to respective platform. There are shops on both sides of a long hallway – people eat, buy necessities and  then move to their platforms. Train number and departure time is displayed and 30m before departure, railway staff came to open gates and pubic moves in.
Train was parked and one attendant was standing at gate- we didn’t knew which coach and which seat is depicted on ticket – so it was like going to basics. Showing ticket to every second attendant and we walked from Coach 14 to Coach 6. Finding seat was same exercise, showing ticket and making gestures…and were into Chinese AC TIER- 3 coach.
Indian railways have to learn a lot about manufacturing f coaches. Chinese seems to e very easy, practical and very high quality in maintenance of  sheets, blankets, pillows and general cleanliness. Our coach was full of people and there is Public Address System in every coach…local music plays on and it was a refreshing experience to listen to light music while on a long journey.
There is no shortage of food and drinks being sold during journey and I don’t see escalated priced as we see in India.
It was very good experience to travel in train in China- only sad portion was severyl sick companion, suffering from throat and high fever …still managed well. Over to tomorrow evening ETA of JHANGYE.




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