China : Paradise in East [ Day 2 ]

Image Shows: Train travel to Tibetan Plateau.

Morning starts with same old hiccup – finding a vegetarian diet.  Our stock of instant noodles and cereals comes handy. Making coffee, and then cereals in electric cattle I had packed from Canada  played role of a life saver in China.
We were out by 12.0 noon and this time again we found ourselves roaming on streets which doesn’t show any shopping regions. I needed a bowl, spoon for cereals – thus we explored prices and articles in a local mall. After spending good one hour there – we tried our hands on chopping for a camera in a Camera market- but prices and build quality of the product was much higher than same available in Canada. Amazon looks much cheaper and providing wider choices than what I was watching on display in Chinese camera market.
We had a lunch of Pizza with Coffee and then took metro to come back. That was end of the day for us.
Prices are high where foreigners venture areas and those who lands up in China like us, thinking there will be cheap, cheap cheap….there is nothing cheap, at least we could not find anything cheap in that color and quality.

I think, one have to be precise or explore manufacturing outlets perhaps- that is only possibility of getting anything cheap, although-h I have serious doubt that business there too will be on volume based


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