Water Conservation at Kunjargad- A Selfless effort of Bharat Rupwal

It was a usual trekking expedition to climb #kunjargad fort, and damaged, silted water reservoirs which forced #bharatrupwal to start a massive expedition of clearing mud, stone and silt from huge reservoir, all by himself.
Without any help, or support he would climb this mountain and stay in tents, working all alone.Bharat Rupwal from Sangamner In a interview to #ajaydhamdhere of Pune , he narrated his journey from start to finish of this massive effort.
Without any Govt or NGO supporting him, only visitor was, his wife , Vice Principal of a local college in #sangamner. Facing even criticism from friends and relatives who were having grave concern about his safety, security plus input of physical labor in this age – he was not to be stopped and slowly slowly, completed all major trenches for harvesting rain water which become major life support for villagers and their livestock. Checkout his talk with Ajay Dhamdhere on youtube.


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