PCOS – A life threatening condition.

In a country like India, where life of a girl is under pressure from socio economic factors – suffering from PCOS is real hell to live with.
It all depends where one lives in , what is economical and educational background. There is huge difference between two girls of same age and they live in a city and a village. Today, city girls are more open to talk and discuss about theit medical issues – thanks to education and “google” – atleast they know what it could be and by the time they see a doctor, they have lot of questions and concerns for him . 🙂

PCOS, if untreated, can have severe implications. And many say there is no permanent cure.Medically, PCOS has been understood to be a complex hormonal medical condition in which the presence of immature follicles in the ovary leads to the expression of ‘male’ characteristics in a woman. This includes hirsutism, a hoarse voice, obesity and irregular periods. The expression of these symptoms could also lead to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in later life, apart from cancer of the uterus.

Mothers and Mothers-in-law, come to us to help keep the girls’ facial hair in check, or to regularise their periods. Not many think of long-term ramifications like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.”

Bengaluru-based media professional Prachi Sibal says that medically too, the issue does not get the full attention of doctors. “Most gynaecologists I have consulted prescribe over-the-counter contraceptives that have serious results like cardiovascular complications in later life,” says Sibal, who discovered she had PCOS fours years after the onset of menarche. She would have irregular periods, pain and had problems controlling her weight. She took morning sickness pills for years before she realised how harmful they are. Doctors also ask patients whether they are married or not, and if yes, whether they want to conceive. If a patient wants to conceive or not.
Today, most girls prefer not to go for kids fearing they will be passing on the gene to next generation. Here is what you should do….
1. Many doctors and educated girls thinks that PCOS is life style issue. Their marker is obesity / fat accumulation specially in central regions of body.
Most important marker is pathological investigation and besides hormonal – LFT, LIPIDS – USG helps in understanding general picture of patient.
2. Many doctors prescribe Birth Control pills as treatment- infact it again is a hormone which is pushed to handle another hormone – these pills act as RESET BUTTON and certainly are no treatment. Prolong use / abuse of Birth Control Pills has serious side effects too.
3. Following a gynaecologist  or Endocrinologist and in many cases both is perfect line of treatment. Always remember, patient suffering from PCOS are highly susceptible to chronic disease and almost all are fatal. Growth of cancer of Uterus is widely found and is highly life threatening.
4. Diet and exercise should not be tried without consultation of a dietician which will see LFT and LIPID in consideration before setting up a menu for you.


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