Religion, History and Democracy in India.

Is really Aurangzeb was that fool and brutal or there is some cover up in history ?
My take is – a Mughal King would never ever let a rebel grow so close to him. He could have dealt with it easily – why, what happened in real that conclusion comes into beheading of Guru. He was kept for three month in captivity before producing at royal court in Delhi.

2. Here is one of the oldest image, a painting of mother Mary – and both doesn’t look like ” white ” as been depicted later. Jesus was not a white man !ma

We were being told Aurangzeb was a cruel and bad emperor but what makes me wonder is had this been truth..
1. There would not be a single temple survived.
2. It was so easy to crush religion and sects which Emperor do not like. Who is going to stop him / them ? They were rulers and they own life and death of all subjects.
I think we need more rational approach to understand what in real happened

Religion was always deeply embedded in politics and both domains are about control.
My argument is Moghuls were very open and tolerant- much more than talibanism we see today.
In same way, had King Constantine not converted to Christianity – scene would have been very different and once royalty changed into Christianity , then starts a long rein of various theologies and all were having one aim—- CONTROL. Ironically, BJP is also doing the same and it can not happen without mass level bloodshed- we are fueling may be biggest genocide if rss is allowed to play its vicious agenda.
Coming back to history and the way it has been manipulated – I think people who do not have courage to accept history, can not be termed as brave. They may be intelligent, naive, clever but certainly not brave.
🤘 Thus democracy is false and a covert attempt to corrupt and control. Thus I conclude human mind, behaviour was /is / can not be democratic – we understand language of pressure / baton. Politicians in India are no less than monarchy – they are above law .
Lallu son is Dy. Cm
Lallu illiterate wife was CM
Sukhbir badal is Dy.CM
CAS family is in politics
Gandhi family
Schindia Family
Mehbooba family
Abdullah family
Karunanidhi family

And list is long – where is democracy in above picture ?
It is dynasty rule- power to become rich and play God.
A primary teacher with 9 kids rules most trivial state in India. And half of its tenure was covert rule.
A surrendered bandit is MP and we wants to dream ” achhey din ” ??
India was never India – unless British make it India and before them it was centuries back when Maurya Dynasty make it a big nation.


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