Hemis Monastery – Jesus and Guru Nanak Link


In mid 90’s , I happen to be in Hemis Gompa when I was part of climbing expedition to MAMOSTANG KANGRI [ Siachen Glacier ] and we were waiting for a fax from IMF – DELHI which gave me couple of days to explore Ladakh. I drove here on Enfield, accompanied by a French Aura Reader who had a miraculous escape when her driver threw her off vehicle at Tanglang La and ran away with her luggage. she didnt knew much English and I only knew Merci …and one sunny day we were here walking down steps with a head lama of monastery. I asked him about link of Jesus and Nanak with Hemis, I came to know about these two from Osho and as soon as he heard my question, he stopped..looked in my eyes and after a moment said ,” I have heard about this – those books and daily journals are locked under ground cell.” Reff: https://books.google.co.in/books?id=SL52Igh6a3IC&pg=PT40&lpg=PT40&dq=hemis+and+nanak&source=bl&ots=BPR2KB3GRh&sig=qo0snSFDFmxpfRlLJB7uqN-2LHA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAmoVChMI84b3zJXvyAIV4timCh2HPg67#v=onepage&q=hemis%20and%20nanak&f=false 

Osho happened to said the same thing. This time when I visited this place- it has changed a lot. Much more informative with a museum and photo gallery… There was no Jesus and no Nanak anywhere- it was touristy thing now. Historians and biblical scholars are struggling since ages to look for LOST YEARS of JESUS which many believe..were spent in Ladakh and Tibet. There is a grave in Srinagar – which is famous as last abode of JESUS. Reff:
http://www.jammu.com/ladakh/articles/hemis-and-jesus.htm On scientific basis – there is no proof that Jesus is burried in Kashmir but whatever he has performed and did after he showed up in age of if there are possibilities

From An article by M. Ashraf, former Director General of Tourism, Jammu & Kashmir: “ However, the connection of Jesus to Kashmir was actually found by a Russian Traveller Nicolas Notovich who stumbled on a Tibetan Scroll in the Hemis Monastery of Ladakh in 1887.

While in Ladakh he was told by the abbot of a Buddhist monastery that manuscripts recording the life of Jesus were to be found in Lhasa-at that time absolutely closed to any “white” man, as was the entire country of Tibet. Despite this prohibition, Notovich determined to force his way to Lhasa in search of the rumored records. While still in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, Notovich visited the monastery of Hemis and spoke with its abbot.
When Notovich asked the abbot if he knew anything of Isha, he was amazed to receive this reply: “The name of Isha is held in great respect by the Buddhists. But little is known about him save by the chief lamas, who have read the scrolls relative to his life….Among [the manuscripts of our monastery library] are to be found descriptions of the life and acts of the Buddha Isha, who preached the holy doctrine in India and among the children of Israel and who was put to death by the pagans, whose descendants have since embraced the tenets he then propagated……The documents [about Isha] brought from India to Nepal and from Nepal to Tibet concerning his existence are written in the Pali language and are now in Lhasa. But a copy in our language-that is, the Tibetan-exists in this monastery”.
Notovich tried his best to persuade the lamas to help him in translating the scrolls but they refused. However, while returning to Leh he slipped from his horse and broke his leg. The lamas carried him back to the monastery where he was forced to remain bed ridden for few months.
Due to his predicament the lamas became friendly to him. Taking advantage of his enforced stay in the monastery, Notovich asked that the manuscript on the life of Jesus be brought to him and his interpreter be permitted to read it out to him in Russian. This was done, and he wrote down the interpreter’s words.
On his return, Notovich showed the manuscript to cardinal in Rome as well as to Russian Orthodox Church but all advised him not to print it as it would cause many problems. However, Notovich got the manuscript published as, “The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ”.
OLD STYLE but modern construction – if you see bit carefully- what they are using as BUFFER and covering of roof is small twigs of wood. Not only they act as thermostat but also keep it safe from earthquakes tremors. You can see its construction on image above and we can see how they are used in building in image below.
CENTURIES OLD PRAYER WHEEL: This prayer wheel and 3- 4 more with this, might have seen some great souls. There are chances, they were touched by them too….very old prayer wheels seen in back of monastery.
I am not believer of religion but Buddhism always had my attention. There is lot common with Hindu practice – could be REPETITION , SOLITUDE, MEDITATION or GURU PRAMPARA but there is something which is mystic and mysterious about it.

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