Cheena Malhotra – Upcoming Woman Photographer of India.

According to Cheena,

Expression of Art: I don’t remember how I was fascinated by camera- but I love to take pictures and my father provided me ample opportunity to try my hand with point & shoot camera. I was quick to learn, and experimented a lot by taking pictures with various settings.

It was again destiny that I was provided an opportunity to buy a DSLR and my hunt for best one ends up at NIKON 7000D and from that day onwards, my life changed.

Me, Myself and Camera: I was soon familiar with this powerful source of creativity.  So, I started going to nearby places, shooting in Pune University,  Backwaters, Sunrises and Sunsets and very soon through social media, I happen to meet like minded people who were dedicated to passion of photography.

Had an opportunity to travel distant places, learning ropes about how to handle shoot, focusing and all this in sometimes adverse weather conditions, fighting hunger, thirst, sun and rains. I enjoy …I love ….and this is what my soul belongs to. I had been to Hampi, Kokan Region of Coastal Maharashtra, North India and Bhigvan-Maharashtra for shoots.

She is busy these days in giving finishing touches to her website:
Her facebook page is also becoming popular :

Her main focus is on nature and landscape but she had tried her hand on wildlife which is a new beginning, a new experience. Cheena, is working as Software Engineer with a MNC in India and recently has finished her travel of Kerala and Sikkim in North East of India.


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