Sony Xperia – False Claims, Misleading Consumers

A strange incident brought my attention to this fact that misleading, false information is in practice in even countries like Canada. Few months back – I purchased Sony Xperia- and demo I was given was by dealer in Abotsford was [a] Waterproof [b] Shatterproof and he throws phone on floor like anything, to demonstate that. I purchased and when it slips from my hand in hospital stairs, i saw crack in back. I contacted dealer- which assured me that Sony Canada @SonyCanada #SonyCanada will take care of it.
And when I contacted #SonyCanada , I was informed that there is no such feature assured by the company and in writing #SonyCanada provide me answer that there is “some” waterproof and dustproof features….Now, when I went to youtube, I found these third party reviews which shold have been denied by company so that people do not get influenced by wrong interpretation, wrong and misleading information. I am for sake of public information – posting my protest and experience with Sony here too but have a look – there is no #SonyCanada denial , official denail of what is being said here. are fake, could be sponsored and hence misleading ….I suspect such reviews could be paid…but its false and misleading. #SonyCanada should provide official stand on such false claims. I am also writing to youtube about this scandal.

The way @joshuasalutes have promoted Xperia, It seems it is paid campeign. I have sent a tweet to Joshua and will not let any stone unturned to explose this nexus. My tweets to news channels and newspapers will follow too, along with link to my note about this dramatic experience.

My Suggestion: What to suggest, whom to rely but if you feel, you are taken on a ride – fight back ! Never ever buy Sony Phone ..


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