Bhagat Singh – The Victim

A armed revolt, and killing a British were enough charges for gettig a harsh results if get caught. Even Bhagat Singh knew- that in case he is captured, result may not be very good.
But this is also a fact that he was victimized. Indian leadership , specially Mahatama Gandhi who was in deep and direct contact with British could have tried and saved their lives.
MOTI LAL NEHRU who was busy in defending INA Gen, in RED FORT, DELHI could have helped along with his son who was having personal deep contacts with British administration.
But in reality, No one bothers to defend them. They were treated as terrorists by both British and Indian Congress.
Gandhi remain silent and whatever he showed to the media….was plastic efforts.
It may be ideology difference, or a silent warning to all revolutionaries working in North India – we must not forget that had revolutionary would have succeeded in their attempts and plans…
It wouldnt be Congress negotiating Independence with British !
It was always POWER ! POWER POWER !! and it is still the same POWER ! POWER !! and POWER !!! At any cost….at any terms.
Word DESH SEVA in fact is abuse !


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