British Contribution in making of modern India- A outlook

There are many among us , and almost all political parties which have been teaching us since more than 6 decades that we force British to give us freedom. That armed revolts and freedom fighters- who did bomb blasts and raised arms against British were major reason for them to handover keys of India on 15 August 1947.
That M. K Gandhi and his NON VIOLENCE plaid key role in forcing British to quit.
Today, while I was going through a post by Parveen Sethi..a writer from Ludhiana- I decided to pen down some of my views, which perhaps I have not shared earlier.
Friends ! I think, British gave us freedom- we Indians were nowhere near ‘capability’ to get it. British never took anything serious about us except one incident 1857 Mutiny and how they handled it – we all know.
Had it not been WORLD WAR – I think British would have stayed for some more decades. We can not ignore influence of Bose- because it was armed revolt with help of other countries …British were concerned but nowhere this is truth that any movement of Gandhi put them under pressure.
British faced most attacks and ‘terrorism” from Bengal…and they handled it with tight fist. So, if there is any freedom struggle which was in fact a freedom struggle – it rises with great force from Bengal.
Punjab , Its Raizadas, Maharajas …all were British spoons- always were.
This is well known to all – how lust for power …created PARTITION. Gandhi..avoided everyone…including SARDAR PATEL…for his personal preference of NEHRU. And with this destiny of India was destined. PAK was created – and its said that it was created for muslims- but there is one more fact which is still a strong proof that it exists then and even now …..FEUDAL LORDS !!
These tribes and their KING SIZE lords were always interested to have a regime which they can control – they did it !!
Same happened in INDIA too- royalty and business class, nawabs, maharajas – they all come into politics and in the name of democracy – a covert DYNASTY system started in both countries ….and what we see today is long run of this democracy in veil.
We always abuse British- they did this/that, they were brutal , they were cruel and they ruled us for 250 years…bla bla bla…but have anyone ever thought that…they made us what most of us are still today….and here are some factors…

1. RAILWAYS: British brought technology to India – all fresh 19th Cent. inventions were seen immediately here and greatest among that was RAILWAYS….some of their bridges and constructions are still intact and are working even till date.

2. MEDICAL SERVICES: British gave us medical services and much of OJHAS and HAKEEMS were evaporated…Hospitals developed by them are still working and are giving service. Most important they worked in field of MOTHER AND CHILD region. Immunization was one such domain.

3. ENGINEERING & EDUCATION : British builds roads, bridges, buildings, libraries,Theaters and introduced us to civilized life. If you want to know what we were doing in Punjab in PRE BRITISH era- you can read RANJIT SINGH era..

4. RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE: This is strange no one noticed that …they did not break temples and Gurudwaras and Mosques. Neither did they force their religion – they did not behave like NADAR SHAH or other invaders.
They taught us – how to live with others in peace. before that- we were fighting with each other.

Sometimes I try to imagine – what would be life of ours – had British were not there in 18-19th Century. I think, we all would be fighting with each others- with clans, groups…misals or some other name….
British rules with tight fist – but never bothered common man – Common man was so secure in their regime that still ..we can hear this …by old people…that what they read in news in morning…British were better than this.


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