Facebook advertisement – My Experience

I am old user of Google Adwords- but due to businesses presence on Facebook- I choose to give it a try. Well, there is BOOST system of a post – which most of you might have seen. If you click on this- you are taken to some setup pages where you are supposed to disclose/enter your credit card or Debit card details.
I also did the same and FACEBOOK smartness is – that although account is in INR – but it makes to BRITISH POUNDS.
One click – and you are charged in British Pounds – somehow, I managed that, hoping to have a good experience.
WHAT HAPPENS AFTER PAYMENT: My post was served to people, who were least concerned with that. I got kisses from Pakistani viewers on a timber sale post 🙂 and many comments were ‘What is this ?”
Friends ! trust me, all the likes you get after paying huge money is fake and comes from , looks like plastic people- none of them, not only single person is genuine. This is my experience.

CONTACTING FACEBOOK: Early morning – got a sms, that thousands of INR has been debited from my account and when I tried to contact FACEBOOK- came shock of my life, there is no number for any support/complaint/grievance. Yes, there is number for SALES. All my desperate attempts for information leads me to http://www.facebook.com/help which was totally time pass and irrelevant. It dont help a client- it gives no route to contact any human- it only gives you round-round merry go round information.

COMMUNITY-FORUM: This is bogus- and right now FACEBOOK deleted my post because my title was How to claim refund ? No one replies for days.

RAISING COMPLAINT: A Complaint was raised through SUPPORT DASHBOARD – and its conclusion was most dramatic. It asks me for details of payment – gave me impression that it will look into my complaint and in last concluded that our system is showing that you choose settings.

CONCLUSION: If anyone of you, had positive experience of FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENT- do share with me otherwise I have come to a dead wall that I will never ever, use Facebook Ads. Google Adwords is much much x much much better option to invest in advertising your post/ your business.


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