My experience of a visit to Nude Beach

My Experience of Visit to Nude Beach

Drive from Surrey to Vancouver was mind blowing as I saw Burnby on my right. Mountains…valleys…rivers…it was a wonderful feel that driving is not as hectic and full of headaches as we are used to do in India.

We parked infront of UBC University- and again, I was impressed to see international students, young people in various dresses and attires. Whenever I see these ‘teen’ creed- I compare them with my time and found them always focused and responsible more than I was. Its maturation which I must salute.

Show of skin had started but it doesn’t effect me in anyway- I don’t feel like ogling on any part of human body and even checked myself for that..because I am supposed to ‘have a look’ at some figure/shape/size but here I was having every possible model of female body but it doesn’t makes my head turn and twists. Many of my friends would be shocked to read this but this is truth.

Back in India, We are so much thrilled by fair color, exposed female skin…and even a outline of body is enough to focus a stare with certainly not holy intentions. We live in different world. Although my friend had told me before hand- but it skips my mind that we might be visiting to a nude beach. By now- we started to descend down the stairs. I was pre occupied with my thoughts- wishing if I could be here with my love.

As soon as I set foot on beach- I came face to face with naked human form. Here I was looking at every possible creed, age and size of penises, testicles, breasts , thighs, Vaginas…..

This was a different world- which is alien to a Asian/Indian mind. Woman , sex and female body holds a different dimensions and meanings for us.  But here- I was looking at every type of female body, right from 17 to 70 years and with different shapes but nowhere I could find SEX. There was no sex in air, there were no peeping eyes and ‘naked’ glares.  All people were casual, at ease with their nudity and nudity of others.

I was also looking at male bodies, people from different ethnicities with huge variation of frames , age and thus shapes of bodies. Gays, Jigolos were all there. No one was trying to hide. Even, druggies and usage of drug was easily seen and most commonly, visible usage was of Marijuana. This is strange and dramatic that usage of Marijuana is fine but you can’t drink beer over there. Police came and they fined CAD 250 for drinking beer. Canada and Canadian rules about drugs are in very experimental stage- I think governments have to choose and make laws which are people friendly and stands on basics of human behavior.

I was able to make out of Indians- and as usual there were Punjabi guys and girls also. As my vocal cords are very strong – they knew we are there but girl who was very curvy choose to have dare to get out of cloths but it was shocking to see that Punjabi male didn’t even get out from his shorts. He was nervous- looking at me while girl was pushing him, encouraging him but he could not. He was so nervous that he was not even touching her with feel…I smiled. Hierocracy is in our DNA. I salute that young girl and once again she proved that woman is very focused these days.

I wont go in details of shapes and sizes of human organs but it was such a pleasant experience- not to feel sexy , not to have a single iota of stimulation while among hundreds of naked young women.

These were people who were there sun bathing- it was a pleasant day and they brought kids, teenagers , friends to be part of the sun !

I can’t forget site of kids and teens who took nudity in such a natural way- perhaps not many Indians knows that nudity was so acceptable in gone centuries in India that we portray human body in temples and made , worships figures of Goddesses who are still more stunning than present day Bollywood models.

My Conclusion: Sex has nothing to do with nudity- it’s an expression of love.



Sammy Gill [ Abbotsford ]


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