12 years a Slave.

12 Years a Slave: Movie, based on true story, a book written by a slave in 1850 era. It shakes , humiliates our conscious, our understanding of religion and humanity and concept of God. How man exploits man in all these civilizations- as compared we in India are perhaps noblest. How British, Spaniards and Portuguese invaded Africa with Bible in hand and how slavery starts- millions went through this agony. No God came to their help, to rescue them
Plains of India also saw same rule of sword – all in name of God….this is how invaders spread their faith and religions here. More than God, it was economy which keeps life kicking unless British came on scene in India.
And in USA – where end of slavery came in 19th Century and again at a cost. Sharp divide between white and black still exists- and perhaps will always be there.
We in India- curse a lot to Brahminism- which exploits poor and made segment of society which still exists but if we compare with other civilization and how humanity used to exist where- I am sure, we unanimously will agree…God if exists…will be found in India alone ! 
CONCLUSION: A heart touching, soul stirring movie….should be avoided if you are looking for relaxation or fun.


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