It was getting worse as heaviness and pain was increasing – so , one day I decided to get operation done. So far, I knew- that there is no remedy except getting surgery done.  My search on internet zeroed on Dr. M.L DASARDA who invented surgical technique of Hernia Surgery which does not involve insertion of MESH. Naturally, like a layman – I was not interested to handle a foreign body insertion.
MEETING THE DOCTOR: I rang up the phone number given on website of GALAXY CARE LAPROSCOPIC HOSPITAL and I was talking to Dr. Dasarda himself. He called me up and, next day –  me and my wife were siting infront  of him. He explained process and procedure about his technique where he use some muscle layer to strengthen the weaken portion and assures that there will be no recurrence. Here, I was talking to over 60 year old surgeon who seems to be experienced enough to handle relative easy and small surgery like this.
TALKING MONEY: It was here, where first time my eyebrows raised. He claimed that much of the money goes to GALAXY CARE as it is charitable institution and he can not do much about cost. He assured that all procedure will be taken care of himself and it will be around 35K rupees expenditure.
WALKING INTO HOSPITAL:  I was given a day to report – my all tests were done and one day, we reached hospital for admission. This is where, Dr. Dasarda suggested that I should keep myself away from operated patients – that chances of cross-infection will be less. I argued that it’s a small surgery why he thinks cross infection – are they not handling post- operative care properly?
He said- chances are there- thus I was not left any other way out to choose packages he provided us.
PREPARATION:  I don’t have much to say about pre-operative care- all general shavings and I was asked to walked into OT. What shocks me was to see apparatus , ceiling and lights over my head. It looks more than a Nazi torture scene and first time my pulse sank but when I interacted with staff- ladies and Anesthesia Doc/ Incharge….I was little relaxed, they were the best part of whole exercise I went through.
OPERATION: As general operations happens- you are given IV’s and you feel numb…then local anesthesia in spine and very soon your lower limbs are ‘not with you’ anymore.  Dr. Dasarda cut a piece of fat and tissue…and he informed me that I will be charged extra for this.  I was shown that piece and by then I was having good understanding of what this whole business is.
Little did I knew- that all medicines, operative apparatus and medics were paid by us and money charged from us was not of package but operation cost+room rent.
I am specially grateful to anesthesia guy- he was the most comfortable soul besides couple of very PRO OT staff I encountered during this experience. I was treated and talked to very well and as soon as it was realized that I am feeling pain of suturing done both inside and outside the operative site- I was given appropriate sedation.
POST OPEARATION:  It was ok, pain was too much and I was asked to tolerate. I did. But then comes URINE RETENTION. I still do not know why it happened- It could be spasm from inside which might have choked bladder- or what, I do not know, neither I was told. Catheterization was asked- As I was unable to carry on the pain- I asked ward incharge , that I want to talk to someone- and I was facing a man who seems to be Male Nurse but he handled my catheterization well, and here comes huge amount of fluid. I was discharged next day- we came home.
SWELLING- SENSELESSNESS NEAR FEMORAL:   As soon as I reached home- I checked my wound. It was fine- but I could not feel sensation into tissue near femoral vein. I decided to wait as healing has just started. Healing was fine and I went to see Dr. Dasarda for removal of sutures. There was no pus formation and healing was very good. He assured my wife again, that there will be no complications in coming life. I asked about loss of sensation near femoral, pain inside …he assured that its healing inside and with passage of time – it will be ok. According to him would is raw from inside.  We came back home happy.

  1. Pain remains and it comes and goes without any indication.
  2. Senseless region still remains , near femoral vein.
  3. After ONE MONTH – I got bulge on right side .


  1. 1.       Avoid DASARDA technique- it’s not worth being looted and treated like a Lab. Frog.
  2. 2.       I understand, we all don’t want to prefer insertion of MESH- but in countries like CANADA , USA …MESH is only way out to plug this.
  3. 3.       There are other techniques too- one is developed by IZRAEL and this is Minimal Access Surgery.
  4. 4.       In any case- avoid DASARDA TECHNIQUE- I will never suggest anyone to go through scalpel of such people for whom you are walking wallet of money !







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