Love is Anti Social


I think Osho was first to say this when he was describing about LOVE and it’s importance, color, its effects ad side effects in our lives.While I was thinking about LOVE thought went back to the girls involved in our folklore.

In those times- LOVE was strictly prohibited – so and so that it was matter of life and death for the girl. LOVE was looked upon most fallen SIN and most affairs ends up either in tragedy or they have to walk out.I thought about Sohini- helplessly in love with wrong man. But I also felt her courage- she managed to stand by him in tough times although in this attempt they both get exposed. Did Sohini was fearful ? Did she did right thing ? I mean, she dont bother for honor of her father- she didn’t see anything else than Mahinwaal. Is this what LOVE is all about ?

Today, if we start a conversation about this- many of us will say …She did wrong !She should not have punished her father like that- what was his sin in all this ? But again- if we see Sohini….seems she was helpless. She might have realized this but she even didn’t care about her own life. Same people could have killed her also. Anyway, they are gatting caught and she got married. I think- she could have elope with Mahinwal. Why she didn’t do that ? I can imagine- this dialogue must have happened between them. Because fixation of marriage and ceremony gives ample time to understand what is going on in a family. I understand that he left everything for her and was living like a hermit- but they both could have elope to some distant place and could have find a life.But they choose not to- why ? And what did he choose ??

Coming to her village- this shows depressive state , helplessness…with no support to live …he choose to make a small hut and stay closer to his love. I salute courage of a man- but it also shows that they were walking on a delicate thread- which was bound to break- it was matter  of time only.Again, Sohini did a mistake- she didn’t care for honor and sentiments of a family and above all her husband. This party has nothing to do with her love – and they should not been treated like that- the way she did. It raises further a series of question…what was her compulsion ? Standing by her love ? Helplessly in love ??? I understand SEX has nothing to do with that- she could have before Mahinwal, she could have it anywhere and after marriage, again these is no issues about it….so I am not painting the picture in one of the oldest abuse love gets….

Anyway- what happen afterwards- we all know and many among us justifies the action taken against her. There might be discussion in the family before they executed in such a intelligent way- which according to them might be best and safest way to handle family honor. It was a honor killing.

Second case is of Sahiban. While she was in love with Mirza- she knew what it is and what it will bring along with it. She also knew reputation of Mirza- but what compels her ? What was that she decided t go with him ? Rush of hormones ?? No way- Only a woman can understand and answer- it is tough for a man to go deep in her skin and see through her heart. Sahiban….the moment she decided to ride on a mounted mare of Mirza- she knew what she is doing – what could be the consequences. She knew everything……but she choose to take risk.

What happened afterwords is sheer miscalculation by a young girl. She decided to go with Mirza as he came to get her and when her brothers SIALS…came to knew this- they give them a chase.He was resting when this thought came to her mind- that if he surrenders- may be her brothers could let them live. And she broke his arrows – and thus from that moment onwards – her name was written in a tragedy in which a brave young man lost his life in love. Did she knew before she fall in love ? Before she dared to sit on her mare that day ? Before she dare to send that message to Mirza ??? She must have known consequences and honor of her father and clan but seems LOVE is anti social element- and in same way…MIRZA did what a young man…a raging energy …a brave man should have done. he was warned by his sister- by everyone- to live SIALS alone…but see his dare ?? I can imagine his heartbeat- this is no ordinary feat….this requires courage and bravery- he knew what is doing. He went deep into the danger zone- he risked his life- and managed to get the girl on the mare. We can only imagine that day- what and how it could have happened.

What makes me feel sorry about both of them is decision of the girl- although most folklore claims- it was love for her family which pushes her to do that last deadly action but there is ample proof that she was trying to mellow down the situation- and she thought if MIRZA a known archer would not shoot- this will impress her brothers ! How wrong ! How foggy eyed …a girl could be. I think- she wold have survived too- because a girl being taken away from her marriage ceremony and everyone know what happened…..she lost her life also as she never wanted what came in result- she seems to have , have a wrong understanding of people and their attitude towards love. She never thought- it will become this ugly, this much bloodbath and she ends her life right there. A single thought- a small action- turned a happy living into a tragedy.

Something seems to be there in LOVE- which force people to ignore logic, take risk, gamble with their lives- and all this to live with someone they want to. Not taking into consideration of parents will, honor, name-fame…why someone would do so ? What is that pull which bonds people so strongly that they pay heavy costs …..Love is strange !


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