Crime and Society

Crime is eternal element – it has it’s origin right from the day we came into existence. So, if anyone of us is dreaming a crime free society- I think, he is living in utopia.

But, we can certainly reduce factors which influence crime and raise level of insecurity and fear among us. Comparative to other countries- Canada is safe and good atmosphere to live in. Canada and it’s policies are considered to be one of the best in the world although many among us have question and concerns about this too.

Major factor which influences crime is unemployment, drug abuse and failure of law enforcement agencies. Where unemployment in Canada is growing at slow pace- many pointers are there where we have an edge over others to handle it, and advantage to control.

Population is which contribute to unemployment and here in Canadian scenario – this is growing day by day. Every year- number of graduates passing through colleges and universities are more than available opportunities for them. So far, govt. and policies are nowhere in creating a vision where this youth could be utilized for growth of this nation. Today or tomorrow- we have to sit and think about it- how we can create jobs- how we can create business avenues to give ample ground for our youth.  Many among us feel pressure of immigration – and again, I would say, this depends on Govt. policies. Govt. can reduce, become qualitative and further manage this factor. Immigrants in Canada are also backbone of its growth and today Canada is standing with pride in international community. We cannot neglect role of people from so many countries who contribute to make Canada a dream destination for living.  I am of the view that with natural resources, fertile land and availability of basics of life in abundance- all it needs is vision and planning to make it a star economy of the world.

Drug abuse plays major role in crime and as compared to other countries, I can say Canada is doing good. Still, there is lot to do as not only Marijuana is a burning issue- availability of other forms of drugs is also a serious issue which will grow day by day and one day we will be having an entire generation infected by this. I am no one to pass judgment on marijuana and it’s use- it’s a policy matter of a country what it’s people want and if it is good or not. What we further do about cross border smuggling of narcotics or how we can keep an eye on local groups indulged in this trade is what Govt. has to see. Again, this is policy issue which requires a vision and will power to act.  But today is time, as we still are in safe zone comparatively where we have time and patience to sit and plan- but if we miss this opportunity- this menace will go out of hands and we will be struggling to survive one day because a nation stands nowhere when it’s youth is slipped into drugs and depressions.

Unemployment is major reason which pulls and pushes a youth towards crime. As discussed above, we have to create jobs and business possibilities for your people. This is not tough to do- all it needs is planning and vision. Canada has huge natural resources- we can definitely compete China in manufacturing – we can do this by helping industries to grow. Today, Govt. needs to focus on this issue as industry is a sector which suffers a lot due to global pressure of economies.  How we can be competitive- how we can use power and strength of youth and convert this into strong economical spine- this is what think tanks should be thinking about.

Law enforcement is most important factor which plays a major role in handling crime. What we see in some cases in media- it seems to me that police works under lot of pressure and there could be loop holes in recruiting, training and liberties we had provided to them. They are doing very good but more needs to be done in issues related to intelligence, management and procedures. Although my knowledge is limited about policing in Canada, in British Columbia but I felt that much modules of working are taken from America. And we are different people, having different system than them- I am of the view that today, we have to look into needs of corrections and planning to make a strong force which keeps society safe and secure.

In last, today we have opportunity. It’s time when we can create a vision and plan- tomorrow it may be too late. All it needs is will power of a govt. , a realization that this growing menace can effect a generation and the day it happens- Canada will be struggling to survive.


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