There is nothing new in USA claim. Bush claim there are weapons of mass destruction in IRAQ- and USA attacks- we all know they could not find any weapon there and later it was labelled as CIA false reporting. Anyway, now it seems it was a daylight ,cruel and brutal loot of their OIL nothing else. USA is no fool to invest billions in a war which is of no use to him.
Coming back to Syria- USA has landed itself in a short trap- they wanted to have a loophole somewhere, an alibi to jump into and take control of the region- they got it. We till date do know if any chemical weapon is used or not and above all who did that. Above all- there is no role for any country into it unless UN dont feel like. Since more that two decades- we all know that UN has been reduced to a STAMP only. This time, with UK almost out of the scene [ They are trying hard to bring Britain back in this business ] Obama wants to …he seems to be having no other choice left….USA has to go to war because it seems thats only business it can do in given circumstances. Otherwise, As they could not find Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, WMD in IRAQ…we all know Syria is next step in a gran schema !
But as we all know- these steps could be fatal…Russia this time seems to have a opinion and we are very close to a major international confrontation which may push other countries in pooling and thus bug game can start even tomorrow !


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