Visiting a park – I saw a few people in rags, they were reduced to bones and I was told by a kid- “ Avoid Them” . It was nice warm summer sunny day- I made my distance and was watching these two.  They were old and in bad shape. I don’t see any harm coming from them- although it is labelled that they are drug abusers and bad people and we should not interact with them.

My thought took me backwards- these people were young, they might have fallen in  love too, married, had kids and somehow life puts them in wrong place and may be with wrong decisions made but what is real face of humanity ?

What is state and it’s attitude towards it’s subjects? What as society we all are doing about it. What those God fearing people out there think about them ? What those Bishops, pastors and fathers think about these people who are living in open, in shades….any in night might be looking at heaven for some miracle to happen. Do they dream ? If yes, what would be their dreams ?

Perhaps food, perhaps they remember those loved ones who were once part of their lives and they were part of theirs. Do they dream about their homes- where they lived, they raised kids and spent some memorable days of their lives?

I do understand there would be bad elements- but such bad elements live among us too. Is money the only criteria of modern world?  May be, but what as human beings we are passing on to our next generations?  Hatred and avoiding poor is not what we were told, what I was told by my mother was compassion and helping people in distress because she used to say, “ Good and bad times comes on everyone- all are Children of God.”

This is strange that how easily we let them slip into darkness, into a void and turns our backs. This is strange- that we label all of them ‘bad people’  ‘Junkies’ and keep ourselves away from them. I am of the view that we should all give are thinking about it and should do something to help them. Let’s not leave humanity outside our homes, let’s not leave humanity in parks…hungry , wet and cold…looking at sky..hoping and dreaming about some miracle, which could be fistful of food for some .


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