Cmalhotra Technologies- Software company with difference.

Cmalhotra Technologies [ ] , a Pune- India based software company is new idea , a unique concept of working and utilizing energies and talent effectively. A brain child of Cheena Malhotra- she started discussing about making a team of software engineers from various companies, who are in job or looking for job, who are in India or any where in the world- to come together and work , creative work , work with satisfaction, work with innovation for benefit of their clients. It was this vision which gave them an edge over many big shot names and they managed to create a niche for themselves.

Today, they are being discussed and their services are being utilized in developing business, business tools – not only in India but abroad also.  Cheena Malhotra when asked about basics of their business and their vision for small business agreed to wrote her first Admin Desk write up like this…

Dear Readers,

This very post of mine is dedicated to everyone like me, who dream about setting up a new business and be creative in their own way. People like me want to be free, meeting self-created deadlines, flexible in work culture and want to enjoy work rather than treating it as a Duty!

It is rightly said by Most Inspirational Entrepreneur of all times, Steve Jobs:

The only way to do great work is to love what you do…

I know many people who have high dreams but fail to fulfill them, due to lack in vision and concepts of promoting themselves. In this article, I will discuss how developing a clean and simple website can actually help a small business reach concerned customers.

Developing a website which solves our purpose of hitting enough customers, is not as simple as we think it would be. Whether it is Graphics, Text, Scripts or Meta Tags, everything has to be in proportion to each other, containing proper keywords and information to hit major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. This is the most important factor for a small business to accomplish, as its the only factor that develops a Strong Online Presence for Small Business. And therefore, best practices for developing a successful website involve coding to be done in Pure HTML and CSS languages, with minimal use of JQuery and Flash (only to be used in exceptional cases).

Presence on web is effective and important as it explains about business, vision and working of the company. Website also explains what one can not explain in one personal meeting. Website informs about what you do, how you do and what you are planning to do in future and what you have done so far….this is big platform for confidence building for your new client. Website also increase your area of exposure- not only you are seen, known and acknowledged in your surrounding or have international presence and can interact with client and people from your business …all over the planet.

It should be noted that websites developed in Flash and JQuery with stunning animations and graphics, lack impact on Search Engines and such designing options are preferred and affordable for established brands only. Brands and Organizations like Nokia, Samsung, Chevrolet, Honda, and many more established brands do not need customers to know them. But small business based companies have to build a brand for them, attract customers, be present in Top Search Results and this is where use of Flash and JQuery is reduced and CSS and HTML Coding comes into picture.

Thus a Simple Website if developed using basic HTML and CSS, with clean design, easy structure and user-friendly access to all information, is the Best way to maintain a strong Online Presence. If you are thinking this is the only solution to make your company successful, then I have further more points to add.

Besides creating a strong online presence, it is also very important to maintain Quality of Service, Regular Follow Ups with Clients, and providing exact solutions to client what they demand for. For that proper understanding of client and his expectations and working in democratic and transparent manner to satisfy him is most important factor of starting a business. This not only creates a strong impression on Client, but also adds to the reputation of your business.

And it is very important that your client speaks for you! Mouth Publicity, References play a very important role in creating a strong image in Market.

To summarize, for a successful business start-up, Strong Web Presence and excellence in service quality is required, and for achieving same, a wonderful website with appropriate data, graphics, eye catching presentation is necessary.


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