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Himadventures , through it’s website had made an deep impact in adventure and outdoor operations in Indian Himalayas and Western Ghats of India. Coming from a group of mountaineering instructors from Western Himalayas- they started operations a decade back and slowly slowly gain popularity in high altitude treks and mountaineering expeditions. Their operations was not limited to traditional trails- they explored further with Japanese for snowleopard trails in upper reaches of Kinnaur.
People from NASA and other prestigious institutions from all over the world choose them to trek and climb with. They boast of no-accident decade of operations and also took active part in rescue in Leh and Uttaranchal cloud bursts.  In these rescue operations- they not only worked hard to take out their clients- they also helped others to come to safety.Today, British schools and colleges are most comfortable in dealing and trusting them with young lives and http://www.himadventures.net is now a name for trust worthy operations in high altitudes of himalayas of India.


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