Indian Drama on Pakistan

Going through news- all of a sudden I felt rush of blood going to my face. My weaken chest inflated- and I feel proud to be an Indian. I felt that my Govt. has realized that Love Pangs dont help ..and foreign policies should not be made on dictates of Sir Obama.

But above feeling was short lived when I read DAWN and all of a sudden I realized – how cunningly smart are MEN IN WHITE. All these slogans of WE WILL PROCEED WITH CAUTION…WE WILL SEE were just a actors expression because political scene in PAK is going to change. Their elections are coming up- and as there is voice of revolt and anger in public- there are least chances of Zaradri coming back again….atleast, it seems like that. Anyway, in this cloud of uncertainty- to whom we will talk with ?

Naturally- India would be waiting and watching. And while we are waiting – why not show some metal….:P and thus starts…..BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS DIALOGUES.

Check out guys- as soon as PAK settles down…DELHI will start feeling love pangs…I assure you Trains will run, buses will zoom and trade is going to flourish. Its just matter of time- it seems to me

With instability and chaos in Pakistan – who wants to talk with India anyway. They are struggling with their own issues of Electricity, Law and Order, Crashing economy…US has stopped aid so they have started milking CHINA.

What India would do ? Congress loosing ground among common man- BJP has no stance either. India is left on mercy of Gods…and Goddesses…I dont see Rahul baba is going to change anything…very soon Congress will start hearing moans and cries from within its flock.


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