Bal Kavi Bairagi

Bal Kavi Bairagi: Years back- I was driving to Chandigarh when I heard his interview on radio- his voice and what he was speaking…forced me to pull my car and I spent almost a hr. listening to his life. He was a begger- he used to live on alms along with his mother. he narrates his life as begger- his 2- 3 times of whole India tour in trains- and how his mother used to assure him that their lives will change- to have faith. he wrote songs for kids mostly and today is member of Rajya Sabha. how he studied and how he used to collect thrown ink pots , pencils from school windows…garbage is perfect script of Hindi movie.

Concluding the interview that day- one of his line….,” Even today, I dont purchase cloths for myself- my kids, friends gifts me – one dont need much in life.”

Here is a song, wrriten by him and composed by JAI DEV.

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