An Evening With Gulzar Sahib

AN EVENING WITH GULZAR SAHIB: Yesterday, it was a memorable evening to be in presence of Gulazar Sahib in Pune. Along with Dr. Shri Ram Lagoo…Gulzar was on stage regarding his book DEVDI and it was a occasion for some questions and answers from noted journalist Ambrish


STRUCTURE OF POETRY: When asked about Galib’s Andaaz-e-Byan…means style, style of expression. Gulzar commented that three elements are essentials…FORM, CONTENT and then comes the way it is expressed. He further said that sometimes subjects haunts him…and then they shape in poetry or short stories and if it’s a large canvas then it becomes a screen play.


POETRY-BOOKS-MODERN TIMES: Gulzar Sahib expressed that there do exist iota of doubt that in era of internet , tabs and lappies…books will be alive in coming time or not. Books are essential part of our past and present and they should live for future.

CALLOUS ATTITUDE : Gulzar sahib was emotional and commented harshly on callous attitude of we Indians who dont treat woman well. he specially expressed his anguish on rapes on kids. He said- this is because we dont treat kids with compassion.

RESPONSIBILITY OF POET: Poet reflects what he went through, what he feels and observes…he express in his work. He further said that poet is indicator, recorder only. Decision to act is with the reader. he further says that a poet may be having faith in some dogma or idealism but he may not be necessarily influenced from any political ideology. he specially mentioned Sahir who was above and larger than even a political ideology- he was a living legend.

GULZAR- HIS PERSONA- HIS VOICE: With all white, and his famous TILLEY WALI PUNJABI JUTTI….it was a treat to hear him. Rightly said- no one wants hm to stop. His voice and words…keep you up from the seat and this was clear from standing ovations…and crushing sounds of clapping.

ON WRITING HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY: He smiles and said…he is already over exposed and dont see there is anything about him which is not known to public.


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