Snowfall at Rohtang Pass in May

As northern India is facing an intense heat wave, Rohtang Pass in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh has emerged as a “hot spot” for tourists escaping the searing heat of the plains.

The 13,000-foot-high Rohtang Pass was opened to tourists last week. It’s the highest point on one key road in the region.

The pass is an important destination on the itinerary of tourists visiting the picturesque Kullu valley and also an adventurer’s dream destination.

A variety of adventure activities like ski scooters, snow tubes, skiing, sleigh and yak rides attract thousands of tourists every day to the scenic area.

Tourists visiting the area are extremely excited about seeing snow in the middle of a summer season.

[Amit, Tourist]:

“Look at the snow, which is coming mildly. Although it’s very cold but I’m actually enjoying it… This is my first time. Can you believe it? I’m 33 years old and this is the first time in my life I’ve seen snow falling like this. I’ve seen snow covered mountains but I have not seen snow falling like this so this is an awesome experience.”

Though the snow brought a chill in the air, the cold did not dampen the spirits of the tourists.



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One thought on “Snowfall at Rohtang Pass in May”

  1. Thanks for this post. Yes, snow on Rohtang is an exciting news for travellers always, as much of Himachal tourism for Indian travellers is based on seeing the snow!

    Please see my post on Rohtang as well. Click on my name to reach my blog.


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