Some memories of Sjoba Rally-2009


SJOBA is the alumni association of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh, voted as amongst the top 10 schools in the country by Outlook magazine. SJOBA was founded in 1980 and now has over 2,500 strong members and a global presence with a Chapter of the Americas also. Apart from the Rally, SJOBA organizes various events through the year like the SJOBA Winter Ball,  Blood Donation Camp and the Mini Marathon.

The idea of Motor Sport came into being, when SJOBA decided to do something for the region. Ideas were thrown about and SJOBA decided that motor sports would be its forte. So, the first SJOBA Motorcycle rally was held in 1981 and this graduated to the SJOBA Open Rally in 1982 where, for the first time, amateurs in the region were exposed to motor sports in a professional way.


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