Sangla Valley – Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh

History : being close to China border,Indian Govt. opened this area for tourist in early nintees.Still foreigners have to take permission to visit certain area . Sangla is considered one of the beautiful valley of Indian Himalayas and is very picturesque.Situated on Indo-Tibetan road which is just modernization of old silk route to China.

PHASE1 : Drive to Recong Peo

One has to take bus early in morning from Shimla.It is almost 10-12 hrs. journey and all depends upon weather and road conditions as usually there are landslides and roads are blocked.If one is having own vehicle still early morning drive is preferred as scented air and absence of traffic make it easy to reach Rampur Busheher.For people who are new to Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is very well connected by roads and rail. One can reach chandigarh by air also.trains are also available from Chandigarh-Shimla. Shimla used to be summer capital of colonial India and British developed it according to their taste and standard of living.Drive from Shimla is very scenic …actually this all drive upto Sangla and Chitkul is very scenic but dangerous also. 6 ft of road has somne very tricky turns which needs very alert and experienced hands on steering. A small confusion and err in judgment can lead to disastrous end.As it is sheer drop in river Satluj…..

PHASE2: Reaching Recong Peo

is somewhat tiring job. One has to search for hotel of choice.So have cool air and search for one according to your taste…otherwise Govt. rest houses can be tried. It is good to spend a night at Recong Peo. It is first hand feeling ofpeople and their strong cultural ties. Start early and ask for Raksham. It is way back to Shimla road and a clear diversion will take you alongside the river.The road gets altitude..and comes Karsham…and from here drive becomes very difficult with steep cuts and dangerous turns…it needs cool mind to drive in this area. Here comes Sangla. It is now very developed town. With STD/ISD facilities…chinese/Tibetan food and range of hotels.Stay for a night here.There are small,one day excretions from Sangla. try to have a visit or prefer to stay at BANJARA CAMPS.It is justified for every pocket.It is much better and advised to stay there,instead of staying in Sangla.

PHASE3 : Ask anyone about Banjara Camps & If you are good walker…try going to Chitkul..on foot but better take your sleeping bags as sometimes one prefers to stay there. Better to take metelled road for this purpose.The main purpose is to get maximum view of valley and have better photography. Onway,one can also witness rural life of tribal Kinnaur. Chitkul is highest village connected with road and boasts of regular bus service from Shimla and Recong Peo. IMPORTANCE Of Chitkul is that childless couples from far off places(Even Europe) visits here…at Chitkul Mandir to get blessing for child.
One can stay in Forest rest house but usually it is heavily booked.But there are sufficient guest houses available now…so staying there is no problem…otherwise turn back …there are buses and jeeps available now.
NOTE: This region had developed very fast and now you can stay at CHITKUL in moderate guest houses and there is ONE MORE camping place in between SANGLA and CHITKUl which is MUCH BETTER option that expensive BANJARA CAMPS.


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