Man behind the mirror.

Memories, They Haunt !

Memories play important role in shaping present and future of a individual. Residing deep, under layers of brain, they consciously and most of it , subconsciously shapes perspective and builds up character, behavior and thinking pattern. Most of us do not even realize, whole of our lives- how important role memories plays in shaping “ Us” .

Our main character of this story is Keshu, his full name being Keshav Bhardwaj- even his own full name sometimes looks alien to him, thus Keshu becomes his reality, his own face and his acknowledgment of himself and his existence.  Keshu is depressed these days, it seems to him this could be due to grey hairs and reducing sexual impulse. He is married but these days, he has started feeling stinking smells and he just don’t want to sleep with his wife. This change in routine life of years worries him, but also gives him his space and freedom to be awake and explore new world he has started to feel thrilled about “ Facebook “ and blogs are his new found world. Another day, a very young girl who sent her “Friend Request” and as soon as he accepted started asking him questions which even his wife had never bothered to ask.
Questions about his childhood, how he remembers his early days of life.  Keshu almost was in shock, where to start from and what not to tell. He thinks for a second to make up some story but he realized that he himself wanted to narrate his truth, for record sake.
His earliest memory was of his first birthday. Keshu remembers and he once told his old man also, which amused him a lot that how he can accurately describe memories of his first birthday but Keshu was speaking truth. He remembers his first birthday with great accuracy. His grandfather was accountant with a English Missionary and this job had changed many things in household. Not only Manners, Etiquettes, Cutlery , Clothes but language and relationships too. Keshu’s father never use foul language, and Keshu have no memories his father using of alcohol or smoking. But whenever he tries to look back through windows of memories in his past years, he remembers his mother crying with pain, weeping and begging her husband not to thrash “her” child.
Some memories creates shivers, chills and Goosebumps too. Keshu remembers how at one such encounter , when his father got angry because his mom fed him porridge twice while his instructions were to feed once. But what to do, a child doesn’t understand rules, specially rules of eating…and her mother, could not tolerate her child’s cries for food, unknowingly gave her porridge second time.  This was big big mistake in eyes of senior Bhardwaj who claimed she is spoiling his life and not able to maintain discipline.
Biggest bad moment of the day was, when Keshu’s mom uttered a wrong line after initial 2- 3 blows …” If my child is hungry , what else I could have done than feeding him.” And this was beginning of a catastrophic event which resulted in using a bamboo stick and …Keshu had no memory how many and where he hits her but he remembers when neighbors came running in and a sobbing, crying Keshu’s mom unzip her dress and next moment was a embedded memory in Keshu’s timy brain…his 3 year old brain took picture of woman’s back, all blue and blood oozing out was result of a hit which pushed bra hook inside flesh of his mom. No one dares to talk to his father, Keshu has no memory where was he when people came running. But after sometime, one by one, all started going back. He was left alone with sobbing mother. She saw him terrified, staring at her in silence ..she grabbed him and hugged him tight. Keshu remember smell of her sweat and warm body and her line “ God is with me, God is watching”. It would take years for Keshu to understand what was that fatal line, which used to irritate his father- it was ,” My Child”. Perhaps this challenges his manhood or claim of fatherhood but one thing is sure, as soon as Keshu’s father hear this – his anger shoots up like some hidden volcano ..” It’s mine too” and through all blows and punches he would hisss ” You are making him undisciplined , ruining his life.”
Keshu remember his first birthday – same faces who used to come running with fear and worry whenever his father made her mother and him cry and beg for mercy. Same faces were smiling, they were in joy, smelling so good and at one time Keshu doubts his own memories of pain, fear and hatred deep inside him. All those faces were gleaming today. Senior Bhardwaj, Keshu’s grandfather came in imported car, he was called “Saheb” by most. People speak low and looks towards him with “awe”. Keshu remembers talking to him, he adores Keshu, Proudly announcing “ My First Grand Son ! “
Soon after his firsr birthday, Keshu was sent to hostel. He was three and half and he remembers his mother mumbling ,” He is such a small child, how he will look after himself ?” but was over ruled by loud and harsh voice of his father,” He is getting spoiled here, he will be disciplined there. It’s not a jail, it’s a Catholic convent.”

Next memory is a send off. A sob, tears but no sound…her mother hugged him, kissed him ,” May God be with you ! “  and he was in a bus, window seat, watching wall of water flowing in air whenever their bus zooms past through rain water on road. Not much he remembers about school office, but his black trunk was having a lock and his father gave him key like some garland, hanging by his neck. A duplicate key was placed with warden, Keshu had heard father warden was very “strict”.

Religious institutions, be in India or anywhere in the world- have one thing common in them- They are highly disciplined, fanatically organized in almost everything they do.  We have to remember that Keshu was just five and half year old when he was dropped in hostel- he was carrying very clear memory of that day whole of his life. He remembers smiling women with long white cloaks- they were warm and friendly, some smiles like his mom. He was happy, at home whenever he was close to them, watching them, listening and understanding- looking into their eyes and their smell …feels like home, like her mom. Men in white cloaks were mostly serious and he didn’t like any of them. His father was of view that he would cry a lot when in evening, he would say good bye. But Keshu was at peace, at peace with himself when his father kissed him – ,” Be a good boy, make me proud of you.” – All he said before turning his back…he watched him disappearing somewhere in out of focus due to mist in his eyes. No, he was not crying.

When he felt sleep, he have no memory. But there was a sharp sound of bell ringing, associated with huge hustle of cloths, whispering, ” Good Morning” – Keshu was in some other world- he didn’t open his eyes but was awake. Someone pulls his sheet ,” Hey ! look at this new kid – he is still in bed.”
,” Hey You ! Get up !! Father would be coming.”
He was able to sense warning and danger – he got up. Now What ? A big , huge guy appeared and this was Daniel- his monitor. Daniel was incharge of Keshu – as being small, he was not able to do many chores. A single signal and Keshu understood- he is supposed to pick up his towel, brush with paste and soap.
,” Follow Me ! .” and next moment he finds himself at tubewell, big and strong wave of water gushing out, big engine sound and everyone was in hurry, speaking loud …it was start of a day. Seniors were inside bathtub, a cemented structure 6′ x 4′ x 4′ which accommodates 3 -4 kids at one time. Growing up kids, with their upcoming muscular bodies were all busy in early morning, shower in nature. When Daniel signalled him to enter in water – he was terrified, it was first time , he was facing that much water, gushing and with terrified force. He obeyed – he already had finished brushing teeth and after initial moments of nervousness, soon he was enjoying in small swimming pool. He forgot he was supposed to rush, he forgot everything…he was just feeling ecstatic in his personal pool and flowing, swimming weightlessly in that small pool. It was a sharp burning feel on his back which brought him to present moment – one more slash of heat and pain and he turned to see a angry father , waving a branch of tree, going to strike third time. Pain had overcome everything he was feeling at that time, all he remembers about that day, that moment was anger in fathers’s eyes and branch going up in air. He raised both hands to defend himself but lash comes faster that his prayer – and this time hits him on arm..he didn’t’ cry ..he walked slowly, carrying his towel, forgetting his brush and feeling of pain and burning on his back, hardly he knows that today, that moment is going to be engraved in his memory , lifelong.

Life moves on, perhaps  this is what makes it so challenging, so unpredictable  that it is self-sufficient, it always move on. Whatever happened, it  can handle , absorb , encourage or discourage…but it moves on.  For little Keshu, days merged with days and then into weeks –  memory of mother daily brought tears in his eyes,  he don’t remember he ever cried or sobbed …but yes, he remember that shooting pain in chest, starting a series of lumps which chokes him, suffocates him and he invented a respite, a way out to be hidden from this world which he could never accept.
A life size statue of Mother Mariam wither  blue drape and white shawl, reminds him of his mother and that wild flower bush attracts him too – so he made a routine to sit there,  he enjoys that smell of flowers, burning wax and feeling of sitting close to mother .  He would weave a garland and this was his tribute, his act of offering through statue of Mother Mary.
It was here, after few months of this routine, that he started to feel a spiritual connection. For a small child, this was unexplainable and it took him decades to understand what was happening inside him.
While coming from his Hostel to Church, one day he observed Songs coming from sky. This was a magical show – he was not able to see source, but sound was there. For hours he could try to judge, feel, changing his direction, focusing on his ears…but could never locate. It took him almost a year to know that adjacent to school is army camp and army used to play these films songs for entertainment. There were families and kids in that army unit and they regularly have some recreational activity going on.
Keshu could not prove himself a shining student. He was very weak in Math and Drawing and almost daily he was getting lashes of bamboo stick on his palms. Kids were right – Fathers in that convent were very strict. Daniel was doing his best, on Saturdays..he was part of team which makes sure that school and hostel plants are free from garbage and they are watered well. After  this exercise, Daniel would take him to Bazar to show him how to buy important articles for survival.

He do not remember any visit of his father. But he learnt how to write letter .  He learnt how gum can be extracted from a tree. His letter would start with Cross, and then Dear Father and he would write- ,” I do not want to live here, I miss my mother, come and take me home”.  He would shower prayers  in last but never wrote “Your’s”
His prayers were never answered – but he was at home in Church.  Smell and ambience of Church , Music and heavy sound of Head Father …all takes him to a heavenly, to a spiritual journey. He was at home- this was his heaven.


So far we know that Keshu was escorted to his parents by a convent worker.  Memory of seeing his mother after six months was going to be with him for coming years but that day, at that moment, he didn’t knew that- all he could manage was clinging to her, without word, without sob or shedding a tear.  He was at home.
Something unusual happened and he was startled , shocked and in this bewilderment, he didn’t knew what to was a cry of a infant.  Her mother noticed his reaction , she bend down , both looked into each others eyes and she smiled ,” You have a brother.”
Keshu was not prepared , or anticipated that- he stood there, looking into her eyes, he was noting down her eye lids, eyebrows and her shining teeth…he was in awe, how badly, hoe intense mother – son relationship was.
She grabbed him by his arm and took him inside where a infant , pink skin and black hairs lay awake, looking up , focusing on a hanging toy. As soon he noticed his mother near him – he turned and smiled- in joy he kicked his legs and arms as if he was driving a cycle. That was the moment when something snapped inside Keshu- his mother picked up the child and hugged him close to her chest, on her shoulder and that very moment Keshu felt as something inside him has been divided into two, something snapped and he stood there, silently watching her mother smiling and playing with the infant.
He was a good kid , all fun. Mother allowed Keshu to touch him, talk to him and very soon they were known to each other. He was given a name soon “ Anand Bhardwaj “ and his nickname was “Kaka” – this was the name , the tag her mother would use for years for his younger sibling.
Father had come back, he had a short talk about Keshu with his mother and mostly it was when Keshu came and how. Something has changed,  He was talking in low tone and this was something unusual for Keshu- all he could grab by catching up some words was “ Village” – something has happened in village, his father’s native place which has forced his father to do something extraordinary. Days were passing by – Keshu was asked to make a scheduler and glue it over his head. It was heavily dictated by his father, bed in morning was at 6.0 AM and lights were supposed to be off at 10.0 PM. Whole day was having a set timing and chores and there was no scope of error –  what error means, was well known to not only Keshu and his mother, but also to neighbors .

Something has changed,but what it was and how it happened , Keshu could not understand till today and this change was decision to take him out from convent. Yes, he was not going back and one Sunday, his fayer brought his aluminium trunk with all his belongings – and that was end of Keshu’s first hand experience of hostel life which gave him scars , scars of memories which stayed with him all his life.


Yeah, life moves on. Keshu realized that his father hardly talks to him, or gets angry at him or his mother. There was not much beating and thrashing happening.  May be infant is that factor or inclusion of a new baby has made his father bit busy that he almost forgot Keshu’s existence.  The

re were some dramatic events  happened in those months.  Coming out from strict convent upbringing, his father enrolled him in a Arya School. This was Hindu Traditional school which was way comfortable and connected to the ground.  Although Keshu was from same religion but much of his upbringing was way different than what  his father was trying to do now.  Words “Om” “ Bhagwan” “Ishwar” “Devi” “Devta” “Bharat Ma” gave him a new link and a new connection with his fellow students and again he was able to establish a connection , a bond with school, its theology and atmosphere.  Keshu was not extraordinary – he faced great difficulty in memorizing but if he understands concept, it was comfortable to learn but mostly he was struggling with methodology of teaching.  He was managing well – atleast he was not failing in his classes.  Very soon, he found himself in 6th Standard and one fine day, life again changed. He was informed that they are shifting in some village where his mother has got posting and they have been given apartment there. Within a week,  Keshu found himself in a modern village where water and sewerage was modernized – they were living in a hospital again. Hospital always reminds him of a faint Dettol smell, people with pain and sadness on their faces and almost daily he would notice people crying or sobbing.  He knew doctors m his mother and her colleagues are trying to do their best to treat patients but sometimes there are deaths too.  In every early age, he smelled and understood death.
A clear memory of one early morning walk to get fresh milk – Keshu noticed a plastic cover of eye glasses , he picked it up and there he found  big notes of 100. His heart was thumping in his ears and he went back home with his find.  His mother was of the view that it’s God’s gift so money can be used but his father taught a different lesson, and that lesson, of that day stayed with him for ages.  His father spoke to him in kind voice and told him to imagine if this money belongs to some patient- who will suffer and may die. And now he asked Keshu, what he would like to do with this money now ?
It took seconds for Keshu to rise above greed – and he agreed with his father, perhaps first time in his life that they should find real owner and return back that find.
They both walked to residence of Chief Medical Superintendent and informed about Keshu’s find and hand over Keshu’s find.
Keshu almost forgot but one fine day – in school assembly, his name was called. He froze, but head teacher was calling him, he walked with heavy heart and trembling legs, thinking what wrong he has done. There he stands infront of hundreds of students- and Head Teacher was telling them Keshu’s find and what he did with that find.  Everyone clapped, Keshu realized sudden glory and good vibes, he felt shy and was not able to look into eyes of teachers and students standing in front of him, looking at him, smiling and happy for him.
Not much of memories of that village except a small garden his father created, he always loved that , perhaps farmer in him or sheer urge of creation but whenever and wherever he got space and opportunity – he always nurtured plants. Time was running and once again, Keshu’s mom got transfer back to city and once again he was back in same city but this time another locality. He never liked that house which was rental, and it leaks in monsoons. Keshu remembers how his mom and dad used to handle those leaks while kids were managed in some safe dry corner. Sometimes, in heavy downpours – his father would climb up and put some material in that section , sometimes this repair works for a season and sometimes for few hours. There was slight decrease in fathers punishments these days – Keshu passed 6th standard and as soon as his result came, along with came a news that he is being enrolled in a distant hostel. Very imagination of going to be separated sank his heart – he was sad for days, even his mother tried to make it up to him but he seized to speak, to exist. Days were running by – preparations and shoppings start. Every shirt was impregnated with his initials. Almost everything was having his initials – his box was repainted and his name along with his city name he belongs to….and then comes last day. Yes, this was last day because after this day, his life was never same, never at peace and never playful. Something inside him died that day and something inside him was created that day.
He remembers, how his father with help of a porter, put his bedroll and big trunk on top of a bus and how he made sure that he had tied it with roof rail of the bus, ensuring that luggage do not move or trip  over. They were mostly silent but almost in middle of the travel, his father started in deep voice which Keshu heard perhaps first time. He explained to him, why this decision was taken and what are benefits of studying in hostel and that how we will be able to focus on studies and how he can earn scholarships …
Most of the talk has gone over Keshu’s head – he was still in shock of loosing his mother once again, and his brother who was a great source of play and fun.
This was a Christian Convent Hostel again, a old missionary building and a tongue wagging hostel warden. Somehow, Keshu could not like him, he generates fear and he speak loud and harsh. There was lot to do – he got a cupboard , he had brought lock, everything was placed inside and locked. His bed was made by his father and when everything was completed – it was time to say Good-Bye. Keshu walked with his father to bus stand which was almost 2 kms away – his father had obtained permission for that. He remembers that walk for years and also, how in middle of that send- off , his father stopped at a shop, in corner of school ground and arranged ONE GLASS OF MILK everyday for him.
They had again a conversation and in same deep tone, bus started to roll and his father gave him a hurried kiss on his cheeks and ran to board rolling bus. He still remember that void, that lump which stayed with him for years- he never liked send-offs and Good Byes in his entire life.
Life in hostel was not boring but something was lacking, a miss , which never let him enjoy his day in school. Keshu could never come up with loss of his family, a deep feeling of abandoned and loneliness. All his sports achievements, his love for books, his school grades ..was a cover to hide his sensitive bruised soul. It was a different life in school where day scholars and hostlers was mixture of two different worlds. School was not heavy on his nerves, his life starts after final bell rings. His walk back to hostel was through tall Eucalyptus trees, he always loved that smell. And among these tress was a old woman who used to roast various grains. Keshu always loved to spend some moment there – stopping in his track,  he used to observe old lady. Her wrinkled face, and the way she keep fire alive by blowing in a pipe, and again dry leaves of Eucalyptus …further makes whole environment, a unique mystic place. Sometimes, he buys from her and his pockets were filled with roasted corn or wheat – this was his treats !
Holidays, Sundays in winters were something like a party. All students takes their blankets,mattresses up on roof and stretching whole day on these warm and cozy softness ends when shadows from big mango trees leaps on them.
Gossips, songs and studying novels, magazines…life is beautiful, Keshu was getting in tune with freedom, responsibility and shadowing his personal tragedy with this cover up. During one such sunny afternoon, he heard a unbelievable incident, a story and this mystery remained with him. Sometimes, he declared to himself ,” Timing, may be he was so quick to react and managed to come out.” and many times he found himself wondering and confused that he kicked this thought, this memory out – ” Stop ! No use of thinking about it.”
And that incident, that memory was .. two young boys were traveling on top of a train coach [ This is still a normal, acceptable menace in over populated India and its railways.] when it got involved in a collision. It was such a jolt that one of the boy, in his teens, got himself right into the open steam opening of Engine- and landed on red hot coal. He managed to come out from that intense heat by grabbing some pipe and pulling himself up. It took months for Keshu to be face to face with that teen, who was now a youngman in his early twenties and when kids asked him about that incident- he showed them his arm and leg…where skin was shrunken ..twitched and disfigured. There was no doubt in Keshu’s mind about authenticity of that incident, specially after watching those huge injuries …but how this could be possible, he could never comes to accepting or imagining that scene. Same black steam engine, pulling passenger trains, crosses his hostel twice a day. One train in morning and then one in evening. Some special days in a year, he would see people sitting on top – and he would imagine consequences of such foolishness. He was also witness to headless body- the man got hit by something while sitting on top of coach…may be low clearance bridge or something- but for years seeing a dead body headless and dripping of blood, would make a life long memory.
Day were turning into months, he was doing good in studies and his Warden report was also good. He almost read every interesting book in library. He was part of stage act, christmas play and he was playing basketball in school team..Keshu was doing good- he should have been happy but in real, he was not. He always had a strong feeling of loneliness and being abandoned. He always felt as he was worthless, not required, a burden…and he would feel warm tears swelling up, remembering his mother. He would wonder, how is she, and his little brother.
Keshu spent two years in this convent. A strict Christian value and discipline. He didn’t knew any woman except BUA JI.
BUA JI was always clad in white. Keshu didn’t knew much about her, only hearsay that she is second marriage of warden Prem Masih. Her husband stands six feet, bulky, muscular body with a broad , heavy face with popped up eyes which hardly smiles. She was tiny, frail and always clad in white. She was opposite in nature – she would call him and other kids and would give them some sweets, candies or cakes. She was only woman Keshu knew in these two years. Once when his mother came to see him, she stayed with BUA JI for two days. Those two days become a memory which stayed with him whole of his life. They would go to bazaar to buy new cloths and it was here, he was introduced to Pastries.Later, this would become a obsession for decades to come !
This so happened that after exams of 8th class – Keshu packed his box for vocations and bedroll was deposited at warden’s  place. His father was there to take him home. It was March, warm and sunny days when he landed back, to be with her mom and brother.
His early days, back in his home were full of confusion as his routine and life style was changed, and he found himself alien in coping up with almost everything new.
He would wake up early at 5.0 AM and would lay awake, thinking what to do. By twilight, he would wear his tracksuit and go out – this was beginning of his self teaching in running and exercise. He started jogging and very soon, he was reported running alongside a canal, on outskirts of city. Someone reported to his father, and he stopped his early morning excursion citing big snakes are found canal side. Keshu started visiting a school ground early in morning – and his routine gets set, and he become popular among local athletes and sports people.
His father realized very soon that he doesn’t take his commands, and he complained that this rude and arrogant behaviour. Keshu’s mother , somehow managed to mutter and argue that boy is growing up and he should be under wings of his father now. Keshu stand 5′.10″ tall the day he measured his height, which comes few cms higher than his father. Although he could never cope up with width and pure muscular frame of father, which remained unchallenged through out of their lives.
One Saturday, his father boarded bus to get school leaving certificate, his bedroll and that was end of Keshu’s Christian convent exposure.
Back home, he was having good time but he was labelled as non-obedient , full of argument because he asked questions and do not take commands as they were thrown at him.Couple of times, he got hard punishments but it had become his nature, his persona – to speak up, to say what he wants to say. His biggest war started with Bible, theory of origin and he had his own questions. He also challenged some miracles, depicted in Old Testament.
One fine day, his father took him to a famous school, it was Sanatan Hindu School, famous for it’s high results. He has had no objection, or reservations but very air of school was way different than what he was used to. He was taken in – and very soon he was shopping for books, copies and other material.  His father was shocked to see his 44″ long pants …he was shaping up in a handsome youngman !
Keshu was studying in Sanatan Hindu School , but he was at peace with himself. Never, ever he realized difference in religious ambiance. He was rather happy and “at home” – from morning prayer to visiting hall,with all paintings of Vivekananda and Sages,Freedom Fighters ..he was able to relate with them. He realized that methods of teaching are different – and all of a sudden he found himself sitting with his father, earning Maths and English …and from here, a long routine of ordeal started. His father was a renowned teacher of Maths and English for private tuitions, students cycle to come as early as 4.30 AM from distant villages, in good and bad weather. And here was his son, struggling and confused in Math.
Remembering those days -he would still recall how his father was up late night , trying to solve math equations, algebra and all exercises which were later more confusing for his student son, because teacher in school was teaching something else. While father was adamant on his methods and “simplicity” – son find himself being crushed in between both personalities , one at home and one at school. He failed in maths- and that deficit was never to recover.  Maths was not only thing which manages a ever deepening divide between father and son..there were more factors contributing to this relationships which was becoming soar day by day. Physical torture of his mother , himself and his siblings was not enough, he was also being stopped from participating in sports in which he was making a niche for himself and this further suffocates a growing up boy, while his father could never ever would see- what his thought process of parenting is resulting in.
Keshu managed to pass but his life was going to take a sharp turn. His father applied for a distant Christian College which was rated as institution of reputation. There was a call letter soon and one day they traveled to Baring Union Christian College, Batala which was close to INDo-PAK border. College was a dream world for him – he was amused, shocked to see gorgeous girls in color full attires and many of them coming from western countries. At interview – he was selected, not due to being good in studies but due to his standings in sports. Yes, his credentials in Badminton helped him in getting a seat in that prestigious college and with this, one chapter of his life turn and opens up a chapter of new life – with all new dimensions and with almost no guide, help or friend to talk to.


PINK – Hindi Movie

No doubt a solid script, a strong subject and equally impressive cast to deliver – Hats off to direction…well handled !
1. Pseudo modernism and the way society is gender biased, political clouts , and the way cases are painted in courts- everything is so well depicted.
2. We can understand – why and how girls are made victims – and many of them choose not to stand and speak out. Reason is simple- whole system stands against them and they dont have a Deepak Sehgal like lawyer to protect them.
3. We who have friends in BAR COUNCILS – JUDICIARY and POLICE knows very well that reality is much more drastic and brutal – this was a story told with very subtle human touch !

IMPORTANT: Trust is the key, and this is what is mostly betrayed, specially with woman in our society. To be or Not to be ….is a big riddle for any girl in MEENAL’s Shoes !
SPECIAL : Piyush Mishra who shared frame with Amitabh requires special applaud – it’s not easy to stand against a actor like him – I can imagine how much hard work and preparation might have gone to balance Amitabh’s effective presence !


If we go by psychology – there is NO element in human behavior /trait which can be termed as BRAVE or COWARD.
Then what we mean when we label someone with A BRAVE MAN or a COWARD ?
My experience is BRAVERY is spontaneous reaction – OR / AND an experienced act which is backed by confidence and planning.
Best example is woman fighting with tiger or leopard to save her kid. Now, this situation doesn come with experience and not even from confidence. This is FIGHT or FLIGHT syndrome which is generated by sudden flow of complicated function of hormone release : Adrenaline, Dopamine plays havoc in bloodstream and if you ever could note- its wide pupils, paced up breathing, sweating, and above all warm skin and die hard focus on the subject….and in this jargon of chemical secretions working in their complexity, a frail woman is pitched against a wild animal and in this fight – mostly she wins this fight and from here you can understand power, stamina and handling of injuries she suffered in this fight.
Now, another example of FIGHT or FLIGHT is of soldier in a battle ground. In ancient times- there was strong role of substance usage while going into war zone. This further has its own merits and demerits but MARIJUANA and other CANNABIS based derivatives were RITUALS. This is mostly Indus Civilization – in Europe, Alcohol and weeds were used and in China- Opium, Alcohol and weeds !
A Soldier has ” Job” and “Experience” – Doing a job tell him what to do and how to escape from danger and experience tells him, how he has accumulated in past. He has his own calculations- he knows his limitations and he knows almost every possibility and when he steps in danger zone – same rush of ADRENALINE, DOPAMINE and others gave him same kick …and here comes critical role of ” Constant Evaluation” – Solider who is aware, keeping and eye on his surroundings, continued changing situations …is guaranteed to handle himself , his team better than the one who is delirious and in all most a SUICIDAL. There comes arguments like HONOR and REPUTATION in these choices but if we go deep into it and try to understand …there is nothing like HONOR or REPUTATION. We can understand this as TACTICAL TOOLS – Commanders use these techniques for getting maximum out of solider in war zone- they dont want them to panic and run !
EXAMPLE: We feel so proud of SIKHS fighting with BRITISH – they were heavily outnumbered – and they didnt have technological advantage. British had guns and cannons and SIKHS were pitched with swords. This is on record, that SIKH SOLIDER mounts his horse, yells his war cry and charge towards line of Cavalry – result is easily imaginable !
My point of view about this day / situation is entirely different than most friends – There needed to be withdrawal and Gorilla Warfare.
This is what MONGOLS used to do – and MARATHA and this was perhaps one of the major factor for both armies to sustain pressure generated by MOGHULS like AKBAR THE GREAT [ Daultabad Fort, where AKbar spent 6 months – All the way from Delhi to Central India …but could not succeed – accepted defeat and withdrew ]
I would like to mention another choice and situation here – in Above example, leadership had choice but in war zone when you are outnumbered and are under pressure – human action is again generated through same complex chemicals …which defines FIGHT or FLIGHT. This is what happened in SARAGARHI – there was no choice – they have to handle it …making it as long as possible so that there could be backup support – it was acceptable result , which every solider knew in back up of mind, almost in same way what we realize when driving a car…that there are always chances of accident , even if its not your fault. But hope and confidence 🙂 We face thousands of possibilities daily and life moves on !
If readers understand this process – they can also now have a vision of what happens in FLIGHT. Its by choice always. Same process happens but conclusion comes into flight and we run away from danger, from challenge , from threat.
There is nothing wrong in his training, and there is possibility of experience also but complex chemicals secretions when acting all of a sudden…may trigger shock, confusion and errors in understanding and calculation of threat posed…..thus happened a planned FLIGHT.
SUMMERY : No one is brave or coward – it all depends on action, execution and above all constant watch over fast changing surrounding factors which determines results. In same way, being COWARD is not always bad or negative- history tells us that those who choose / learnt to withdraw….they sustained for longer time.

Spotlight – A Movie on Religion and Abuse

Thanks for Rohit Chakravorty for reference, and after watching frame by frame of this true story – I went back to journey of mankind from Cave era to present day of highest civilized genome we are.
And after watching this – I equally felt stunned and shocked as many of the viewers would have been. My childhood schools in India, were Catholics, never heard or felt anything like this but yes, have heard a lot about such abuse cases in Goa and in other countries. We can not deny – we can not pretend that it haven’t happened or is not happening. What shocks me was nature of crime, people who do that and people who gets their souls ripped apart.
Who so ever wrote this line was in-fact telling us a universal truth – ” Nearer to Church, Further From God” – all these fathers, brothers and Bishops were doing these inhuman crime, right inside Church – do they knew there is no “God” ?
The very fundamental of existence of God breaks down in pieces when closest entity to him is doing such acts.
Yes, there would be argument, that some rotten apples should not be cited for all – but its not a standalone example. Child abuse is linked with Church since decades – and this story starts from era of 70’s – yet,there is nothing we could do,or we can do about it.  I feel so comfortable today, that in very young age- I came out from religion, it was so soothing to be a freeman rather than a tagged one. Although after watching SPOTLIGHT – I also felt same rage, frustration, sorrow as people who suffer and investigated such heinous acts of Catholic Church. May be being a man, because man seems to have something wrong in genome – someday, I will go deep into psyche of man for doing such acts, because this is not pressure of evolution – atleast not since thousands of years and neither we can assimilate that there is really something cranky in DNA. As per my understanding of human nature, behavior and psyche is – repression is greatest factor for aggression. I think, the very system of monks, priests, sadhus is wrong and they do not contribute to society- which should have been the first priority.

While I pen down my gibberish of thoughts – which keep coming from many corners – i just keep on punching keys, hardly taking care of language, grammer and expression…my minds shifts to history. History do not paint exact picture because actors of such deeds knows they are doing insane and inhuman – but I can imagine what would have been happening when army wins over a army.   Right from ancient times- abuse was there- thus mental agony and emotional brutality also carries on since thousands of years. And I am not talking about history of India or SE Asia- I am talking about history of mankind.
Religion is alternative of power – this is why Child abuse was easily present in cultures like DEVDASIS- using children as sex slaves in Hindu temples. They not only served the sexual perversions of the priests and gurus but were used as prostitutes to bring in money. The poorest of the poor who often could not afford to keep a new child, left the baby in a temple assuming that the child would have a better life with the priests than with its parents. They doomed their child to a life of pain and misery.

Brahmanism was same , in every color and shape as organized religion of CATHOLICS. We all know , from Indian history books that,  while Brahmans were exploiting society in name of God in 17th Century [ This factor was major reason of Buddhism and Sikhism formation ] Bishops and Priests were doing the same in Western World.
So, these people knew- there is no God and God, if anyone up there and watching, recording KARMAS- might be looking back into his notes, where he messed up while making human DNA.
Readers might be on disagreement with my opinion, because it comes from a atheist – but does a validity, truth depends on who said that ? And here, we are not talking about hundreds, thousands of criminals – we are talking about millions who had committed and same amount who are right into it. Once again, I feel lighter and realized I walked on right path – Organized religion doesn’t take you to God – its man/woman within us which guides us for right and wrong.

While thinking to close my gibberish of thoughts – I went back to what Anushka Shankar said few months back. Although it was not linked with religion and her scars on soul – but yes, she is a victim of abuse.  I do not think stricter laws can eradicate- although it matters a lot, if people can gather courage to speak up- stand up and don’t let them go away with it.  Today, again – I miss Osho’s voice – his book !

Kashmir and Indian Politics

Kashmir was always a tool for politics and political games. Truth is, no one was or is serious about it. Social media is full of images, showing crowd chasing and thrashing security men…who is stopping them to react or who wants a escalation to happen ?
No where in the world – politicians will intervene and let their forces get humiliation on streets like this- this was , is possible in India only.
All those sweet talks with Nawaz has failed perhaps OR BJP has given blank cheque to Mehbooba….otherwise, how can such a political blunder happen ?
Now look at the scene…
A young boy – took to guns, maintains a FB account…is tagged as INDIAN AGENT but one fine day- his IP is traced and he is finished !
Who controlled this jingoism ? And Why ?
This is easy for a novice like me to understand that every activity on internet is traceable- how come this guy was allowed to be a ROBIN HOOD and then one fine day- he is finished like a slice in cake !
And what happened after that was utter intelligence failure – and not failure of central intelligence agencies, this blunder has been done by elite agency like Military intelligence.
Is this possible ?
I don’t think so – as per my knowledge of how deep and well rooted connection are – this doesn’t go well with my understanding..
Thus..there is more behind the scene than we could have known and this was the fear perhaps why internet, media and phones were not operational.
Otherwise, if thousands of people give a damn to curfew, takes on security forces …chase them, kill them, beat them..all we can understand about it is, that its political impotency- nothing else !

Hotels in Shanghai- A Review

As promised in my earlier posts that I will write about our experience of hotels in a separate blog – here I am providing details of each chain of hotels, individual and concept hotels we used during our trip.

  1. Jingyue 99 Inn Town Shop (景悦99客栈江镇店)
    Address: No.835 Chuan Nan Feng Gong Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, 201202, China
    川南奉公路835号, 浦东新区, 上海
    Phone: +86 21 6878 3099
    GPS coordinates: N 031° 11.208, E 121° 44.486Close to airport, cheap but certainly not to be used for more than one night if a heavy odor of smoking doesn’t irritates you or you are not allergic to such smell. I was happy that we stayed for hours. Reception girl didnt knew English but she communicated execellently using a mobile app. This was first hand experience of China – you are a alien there – you dont understand anyone and anything and no one understand you , even sorry or thanks …. That makes this travel more challenging, interesting and yet very scary because, if anything goes out of the box – then it is very difficult for you to communicate and exchange any message or information.
    GOLDEN RULE: Bring a open phone, purchase a phone chip and I think in 100 yuan- there was 10 GB data too.
    Train station is walking distance from this hotel – and you can get metro to main hub of the city.

    2.  Train Inn

    Address: 1500 Jiangyue Rd, Minhang, Shanghai, China, 201114

    Phone: +86 21 6051 2751


    Heavily being promoted by and other  portals- this is worst !
    I think, portals are getting good commission – this is why such properties are getting bookings otherwise, this was one of the worst places we stayed in Shanghai. Cerainly not value for money as it is mostly tagged. This is train coach converted into hotel – your bed is small- there is no luggage place and there is no secure lock.  Charging point for your device is not availalable – when you see others- you ask them and they provide you extention board. Food is another problem – there is no food market where you can find food you are looking for- and finding vegeterian food was a big challenge. We cancelled our all bookings with them. and yes, washrooms are shared – public washroom where smell of smoking is another factor to piss you off.

    3. 7 Days Inn Xining North Main Street
    1-4F No.11 North Main Street, Chengzhong District, Xining,

    We used same chain of hotels in Zhangye and in Xinning. One of the best, vallue for money, very friendly staff, although communication is through apps only – but some of them managed to converse in English. Rooms were spacious, bathroom was good and their housejob department was excellent. I strongly reccommend this hotel chain. In my next visit – I have planned to use this chain of hotels, where ever possible. It is marked two star and its really good.

China- Paradise of East, Shanghai Shopping [ Day 9 ]


Shopping in China is not a easy job. Most of us thinks of China as heaven for cheap, cheap cheap things- are wrong. There is no assurance whatever you are buying is original or it’s duplicate. What I saw in news of today , June 16th 2016 in China, was Owner of Alibaba claiming that duplicate things made in China are sometimes much better than originals.
Now, one can understand  how dramatic, confusing and difficult it is to find shops, malls and things you want to buy in your budget.
We earlier had tried East Nanjing and West Nanjing roads which are close to People’s Square but they are not for us. Branded shopping can be done in our home countries too- we were looking for something else.
And in last we found Fuyou Road and YuYuan Road , Garden region as heaven for people visiting this city and get to know the pulse and rhythm of it.
There is almost everything, too much here – prices depends on your understanding , communication skill. A ink pen which was 35 Yuan , I end up for two in 55 and still, I think I should have narrowed down more- but anyway, a deal is a deal.
Eating outside proved costly – I end up having upset stomach and whole night- just 6 visits to toilet was enough to drain me out.
I strongly suggest, not to try from roadside vendors – you never know what it is and how it is made and stored and what is level of quality of meat.
Impressed by what shopping items wee recce and listed and mental notes made- evening ends up in being soaked in heavy rain- changed trains and got bus to reach hotel.
I will cover trains and buses in separate post , a little bit of patience and understanding can save money and risk of using taxi in late night hours.

China : Paradise in East, Xining to Shanghai by train [ Day 7,8 ]

back-shanghaiBy now, we were used to procedures and methodologies.  Our train from Xining to Shanghai  was on 9.30 AM and by 8 we were entering in Xining Railway station. Biggest setback for a foreigner , traveling in China by train is if one is told, this is not the correct station.  There are stations like Xining West, Xining North and so on. One have to be sure that Taxi driver understands you correctly, and best method I found was showing them train ticket.  So far, so good although there is room for time to move by taxi from one station to another..
Anyway,  train stations are just like airports- I could not find any difference. They are super clean,  people movement is under disciple and everything is in order and at place. It was easy to find our platform,  I confirmed I am at right place by showing ticket to a railway officer.
Settling down, purchased water, instant noodles and snacks.  At 9.0 AM, we were checking in- this procedure is done by making lines and tickets, their validity is checked electronically and public is allowed to board train which is parked with attendants standing outside their coaches.
This was SOFT TOP seats, this means two berths  at one side – and it was a cubical of 4 seats.  There was TV for every seat but it was not working. There was restaurants, we had one of the best  food , thanks to a English translator but it comes expensive too- we spent 126 Yuan on this Lunch which is way expensive for a traveler or mediocre Chinese.
June 14th 2016 – We reached Shanghai at 12.20 PM and after walking in Sun, realized that we reached at wrong hotel but right chain of hotels. All ends well- booking shifted and it was time to watch Euro Football – only channel one can enjoy at present.
Its 8.0 PM and I am hungry – going out for experimenting another encounter, you have to have lot of patience as no one understands you and you don’t understand anyone !

China : Paradise in East, Jhangye to Xining and Qinghai Lake [ Day 6 ]

IMG_2030Traveling on a bullet train was very good experience and the way Chinese had handled crowd, ticketing and discipline is awesome. There are no pushes and pulls as we see in India and Japan at railway stations.  People are sitting in waiting rooms and as soon as railway employees opens gates – crowd walks to designated platform and stand under supervision of staff , in line as per their compartment numbers.
When train arrives, attendant opens door and people walks in – settles their luggage.  We could not buy anything on train – packed meal was 40.0 CYN but I was not interested in experimenting. They do not supply / have sweeteners along with Coffee or tea and this is major setback for those who do not want to consume raw sugar.
Coming out from railway station and my perfect tourist ordeal started. We were misguided from ‘ Inquiry”  and it was not shocking for me when I was told mya gorgeous girl that there is no bus for Qinghai Lake.  She wanted us to board Taxi and I knew there is catch !
Walking out from station and we were into another domain now – BUS STAND !   Surrounded by agents, taxi drivers – this was a typical Indian scenario. And everyone was trying to convince us that there is no bus for this lake – I wanted to try my way. Lot of attempts to make people understand – wrong pronunciations perhaps and we were escorted to a bus by a booking clerk, only to be told in English by very young girl that we are in wrong bus- she took extra pains to get out from bus and I was of the view that she  would be pointing or guiding us to right place- wow ! she was a agent , and was trying to handover us to taxi drivers …I thanked her – made her understand that I am in no mood of using Taxi for this region.  Walked back to Bus Terminal, again…with rucksacks !
My shoulder 😛
Again started the same exercise, trying to make myself understood and one driver made a nod that he is going to Heimai. We boarded – again a dramatic experience , this was a wrong bus and he was going exactly opposite to where we should be heading to.  I tried to make open, social conversation with whole bus – but no one understood a single word I was speaking !
Noticing my concern, driver indicated that he is not going in that region and this was when we found ourselves, standing on road with our luggage.  Trying to grasp and still confident that we can make it – we wanted internet connection, a free open WiFi – I noticed a Bank  and we walked in. Guard tried to help – but language was a big barrier and this was when someone from inside the bank came towards us. This guy speaks English and he guided us to take a taxi and go to Pai Lo bus station and from here, we will get bus for the lake ….. HellLooJaaah !!!
We got taxi, reached Pai Lo station and it was 2.0 PM – our bus was at 4.0 PM and a chance talking, trying to make sure that destination printed is exactly the same where we want to go – we become friends with a English speaking young couple – Anna and her husband ..we were travelling together for 3 hrs.
We saw beautiful mountain topography with huge grasslands, shepherds and their hurds…it was coming back home, coming to life !
Getting down at Heimai was again a dramatic experience …WIND and COLD !
High velocity wind and bitter cold – changed my idea of using  swiss tent  for night stay – we wanted to shoot star trail / galaxy but cloudy weather plus wind and cold  forced us to look for hotel room  now.
We walked into Anna’s hotel – she had booking made through some online portal – and we were sharing room with them – and paying CYN 180 for a night.
This is same like any Himalayan mountain city – tourists are charged like that- although I was not expecting  this in China but so far so good, keeping an eye on clouds, waiting for Sky to be clear..I dozed off.  It rained and sky was cloudy in early morning 4.30 AM as this was time for sun rise shoot.  Qinghai lake is a salt water lake having radius of approx. 220 kms.  This is summer resort and I noticed many youngsters with friends,  newly married couple coming here for some lifetime memories. Situated at a height of aprox 3200m – weather changes here very quickly.  There are numerous tented colonies alongside the lake but mostly these are supported by taxis and buses who bring tourist directly to these places.  My original plan was to stay in these, because these gives freedom to move in and out in night – people who are interested to do night photography like star trails and galaxy shoots- tented accommodation suits them but I have to change my plan right at the moment I landed in Haimai. One,

We decided to try for taxi or bus to go ahead OR to reach back to Xining. Inquiries about TAXI went offbeat – they were asking for almost five time , we wanted to spend thus focus on turning back from here-  got a bus within minutes and we reached Xining , got our tickets printed from Ticket clerk [ Reservations made online gives you a booking number, you have to show your passports and booking number to get electronic tickets , you can not board or even enter with a printed paper in hand ]
By 2.30 PM we were in hotel – checked in, dropped luggage and as we usually do, were out in city to eat something.

China : Paradise in East, Visiting Danxia GeoPark [ Day 5 ]

danxia-geoparkWe started late from Jhangye but got bus ready for Danxia. It was 40 kms.  Travel and I didn’t miss typical Punjab driving this time. It was a sheer contract of driving rules and behavior I saw in Shanghai but here, I was seeing rash and risky drive – thank heavens, bus driver was not speeding.
We were dropped at roadhead – gate of GeoPark was 500m walk. Sun was harsh and need of umbrella was realized.  After purchasing water bottle, we paid 120 Yuan [ 60 / Person ] in which 40 Yuan is park entry and they charge 20 for Bus ride.  Bus leaves you at one site and move on with passengers who had seen that  site – you are free to spend your time at this site. Come back and board  a waiting bus- move to next site. Almost every site has considerable stairs to climb – but this is worth of the effort. Views were stunning, almost unnatural –  Sun through clouds provided every possible shade for some classic clicks. In this manner, we hoped from one site to another  and by evening, we finished a tiring day under Sun and climbing thousands of stairs.
Danxia is super natural, almost artificial…without understanding rock formation , chemical reactions- it is impossible to understand how surface of a huge lake turns upside down due to tectonic plate collisions and then various chemical reaction on sediment rock, made such a beautiful colors and formation.
Some pointers..
1. If you do not want to climb stairs – drop idea of going to Danxia that day.
2. Patience is a virtue – you can read clouds,if any or rain but good shots comes with light…so make a habit to wait. There is no rush – buses are there….just do justice to the scene.
3. You need a hat , sun cream and water …make sure you have these things in your backpack when you start from Zhangye – you may regret severely later, if you don’t.

4. Wear light and easy cloths if possible – long shoots and lot of stairs may be a headache in long exposure to Sun.

China : Paradise in East, Reaching Jhangye [ Day 4 ]

China Train Travel





Chinese train coach is perfect example of how engineering is used in benefit of people. There is 24 x 7 boiling water available and this is life line of one and all traveling in that coach. From Green Tea to staple diets of many variants of instant noodles – clean and hygienic boiling water is made available.
Toilet sets are squatting / Indian style and there is no “western” seat option as we mostly notice in Indian Railways.  Flush was without flowing error – and I see no contamination or malfunctioning of this system- there is suction as we see in planes and two flushes of water to start and end process of flush.
Toilet paper was not replaced after it finished ..I assume Chinese use water to clean up and there was tap of water available for this purpose.  A room freshener placed to give traveler a non-stinking smell- was successful attempt.
Handwash – Shave and for Face wash, there is separate compartment with two sets of cold and hot water taps.
I found Chinese with great civic sense, they do not litter, they respect others with great dignity and specially woman, kids and elders are treated with great care and honor. In this journey, I could not see even a scrutiny glance of any male towards any female,  even youngsters were busy on their phones and as language was biggest barrier – there was no communication initiated from anyone.
Train coach attendant , the most important and stressful job, I can say. She in responsible of ..
1. Identifying and admitting passenger – she stands out of coach and made checks and admit passenger.
2. She is responsible for all electrical gadgets and maintenance of break pressure and other circuits- although there are alarms, but she keep an eye on all readings.  This includes, coach AC temperature, music being played on public address system.
3. She is cleaner and sweeper too. She mops and cleans coach floor almost every 4-5 hrs.
4. She takes care of toilet upkeep, supplies and general cleanliness.
5. She takes care of garbage bin- imagine people generating huge garbage of noodle cups, bottles and other things – she keep changing plastic bags and handles disposal of garbage.
6. This is her duty to make aware a passenger when his / her station approaches.
7. She opens Exit door and let passenger go- doors and locked and key is with her. Passenger can not just drop from a journey without exchanging ticket and informing her / documenting a early exit, if required.

All these duties are performed with a Walkie-Talkie set [Kenwood] which every policeman and railway servant carries on train.

There is plenty of food and fruit available and there is lot of verity. Our problem was communication and it was very hard to make anyone understand that we need Vegetarian diet. In absence of internet and active phone number – we were paralyzed. Thanks to my Canada supplies of noodles and Cereals- it came handy in addition to fruits.
Prices are fine by Canada and Chinese standards but very high by Indian standards. A 8 Yuan Instant noodle cup comes to 80 INR which is considerable inflation.

There is designated area / seats made available for those who wants to eat. A window seat – with a tray provided for collecting garbage which one can throw in coach garbage can, later on.

Chinese loves to eat and their choices are having lot of options too.   Traveling in China, you can not miss perfect blend of Westernization with culture and tradition.
Right from shoes, they are mostly of international brands,all made in China but some locals were wearing local made leather shoes too. People mostly wear jeans, pants and I could not see any “traditional” dress in Metro, Cities, towns and even in villages.
T Shirts, Shirts are national dress of men and woman wear various tops, t shirts, shirts and other dresses and there is no hesitation in keeping dresses as airy as possible. Young girls I Shanghai wear jean shorts, and sometimes they are considerable short by any standards – but as I mentioned above, woman in China seems to me more safe and secure than any developed country / civilization of Europe or North America. Cell phones are having English keyboard but language used is Chinese !
China’s national chat software is WeChat and national search engine is
Our journey ends with Coach attendant ordering us “ follow me” – wish she could have generated a smile, but taking consideration into her such a hectic and responsible job- I think I can live without having one. 😛
We came out from station – and from Exit , we entered into Entrance to get Tickets of return journey issued. There was no TAXI , TAXI mafia after us – no one came close to us offering any ‘ services” and after getting tickets [ Showing Passports ] we came out from station, having no idea where our hotel is. I personally do not like this blind movements in some alien nation. While Cheena, as usual is tension free and enjoying views from a “ woman’s “ perspective – I was desperately looking for some sign, some indication that we are heading towards “ West Ring Road”. Cheens confirmed that hotel was 5-6 kms distance from railways station and as usual, male mind in such scenario is not to take risks ..I inquired from driver – speaking slow, imagining he will be able to catch up RING ROAD atleast. None !
I was talking to a wall – all I could understand was, 2 minutes drive more. He was right – he charged 14-15 Yuan and this was very honest and rightful charging…I was ready for paying him 60 because he made signal of 6 – it was Kms and not money he was trying to convey.
Check in, was smooth as usual and after recording our passports – we were given a room which was much better than anything we encountered in last 4 days. But we have to buy a jacket, managing dinner and have to inquire about our journey to Danxia.
Lot of time went into struggling with language, requesting shopkeeper to type MILK POWDER …and after buying some eatables – we were looking for jacket which has now become a expedition in itself.  We could not find what we were looking for and after spending good time- we reach back to hotel at 10.0 PM…too tired….I dozed off without any memory of where I am .

China : Paradise in East [ Day 3 ]






We had to pack up today, our train for traveling to Tibetan Plateau was leaving Shanghai at 12.05 PM and by 9.0 AM we were all ready to move out. Same old coffee and cereals help us in fixing up a healthy breakfast.  Traveling in metro in China is very fulfilling experience for we Indian born.  One can see people going to work, business and how to behave, act in public. People coming from all almost, every walk of life, almost every genre and character.  I was once again watching youth, middle aged and Old generation of Chinese , all happy and contended. They are helpful and very positive people. Could not see depressed and sad and bored people. You can hear someone talking, women always find subjects to exchange notes J
Shanghai railway station was a shocking experience – it look like a International airport and railway system is tweaked in a way that thousands of people are handled without any practical difficulty.
Everyone shows ID and ticket before they enter in main building and then they move to respective platform. There are shops on both sides of a long hallway – people eat, buy necessities and  then move to their platforms. Train number and departure time is displayed and 30m before departure, railway staff came to open gates and pubic moves in.
Train was parked and one attendant was standing at gate- we didn’t knew which coach and which seat is depicted on ticket – so it was like going to basics. Showing ticket to every second attendant and we walked from Coach 14 to Coach 6. Finding seat was same exercise, showing ticket and making gestures…and were into Chinese AC TIER- 3 coach.
Indian railways have to learn a lot about manufacturing f coaches. Chinese seems to e very easy, practical and very high quality in maintenance of  sheets, blankets, pillows and general cleanliness. Our coach was full of people and there is Public Address System in every coach…local music plays on and it was a refreshing experience to listen to light music while on a long journey.
There is no shortage of food and drinks being sold during journey and I don’t see escalated priced as we see in India.
It was very good experience to travel in train in China- only sad portion was severyl sick companion, suffering from throat and high fever …still managed well. Over to tomorrow evening ETA of JHANGYE.



China : Paradise in East [ Day 2 ]

Image Shows: Train travel to Tibetan Plateau.

Morning starts with same old hiccup – finding a vegetarian diet.  Our stock of instant noodles and cereals comes handy. Making coffee, and then cereals in electric cattle I had packed from Canada  played role of a life saver in China.
We were out by 12.0 noon and this time again we found ourselves roaming on streets which doesn’t show any shopping regions. I needed a bowl, spoon for cereals – thus we explored prices and articles in a local mall. After spending good one hour there – we tried our hands on chopping for a camera in a Camera market- but prices and build quality of the product was much higher than same available in Canada. Amazon looks much cheaper and providing wider choices than what I was watching on display in Chinese camera market.
We had a lunch of Pizza with Coffee and then took metro to come back. That was end of the day for us.
Prices are high where foreigners venture areas and those who lands up in China like us, thinking there will be cheap, cheap cheap….there is nothing cheap, at least we could not find anything cheap in that color and quality.

I think, one have to be precise or explore manufacturing outlets perhaps- that is only possibility of getting anything cheap, although-h I have serious doubt that business there too will be on volume based

China : A Paradise In East [ Day 1 ]

My two week travel to China was planned almost 3 months back when during a discussion about exploring lesser known places, economically viable and above all, if I could possibly promote such places commercially in future.
We zeroed in on Turkey but at that time, it was struggling with militancy and this was when a chance encounter with Danxia Landforms happened.  Image of Danxia, at first sight looks unreal, looks like a photoshop image and it’s only when you go deep into exploration of these magnificent and dream like land that reality sinks in.

Landing in Shanghai: Flight is long and mine was changed from International to Domestic in GUANGZHOU.  A chaotic two hours looking Cheena Malhotra while having no wi-fi, network and any communication how and where to locate and contact her. All “ Airport Staff” nameplate people were eager to sell SIM CARDS or TAXI services. I was inquiring about contacting police for a look-out for her, only to spot her in a line coming out from ” Exit”. If you are also going to meet someone coming from another province, country and you too do not have Chinese Sim Card – ask them not to leave airport. All free Wi-Fi needs phone number validation which was / is not possible for many travelers. Thus finding a open Wi-Fi becomes a expedition in itself. I managed to request a call to hotel – but they don’t speak English and this is how one comes face to face with reality of a alien in China. But this is also challenges of Travel and certainly should not be seen and understood as a barrier. Remember, since centuries, travelers managed language barriers and established cultural and trade bonds across the continents.

Getting a taxi in a land where language is biggest hurdle and in middle of the night, with luggage- you are surrounded by touts and agents…managing a taxi where fare starts from 150 Yuan and ends up at 50 Yuan. Out stay was for few hours as it was already  2.30 AM and we had planned to explore central city region- so in morning around 11.30 AM , we came out on road and this was our first China on hand experience.
With language barrier, and not knowing what product is made of, meat OR vegetarian ..we decided to stick with Bananas and Apple. China subway metro is way different than what we experience in India and Canada. We took our destination ticket, hardly knowing that we will be shifting 2 or three trains to reach there. Like India, China is having huge population and getting a seat in train is almost a manna from heaven. It was tiring, specially for me with shoulders under pressure from rucksacks and tired from my long flights…by end of first day- I was dead tired.

There is no Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+  like websites available in China.  I will  be available at WhatsApp, and will be checking mails regularly. If you need to be in connection with friends and family 24 x 7 : Best bet is bring a open phone and buy a Chinese Sim. My phone is Canadian and have locked in period with Bell – hence , no coverage and neither I can change SIM.
But, it’s fine – I am able to talk to family back in Canada on Whatsapp and Every hotel offers free Wi-Fi… I think, I will manage with ease.I will be dedicating a post each, separately on transportation, food, and places I saw later. My day wise post is mental jugglery of what I did and experienced in a day.

But what I concluded before I dozed off….
1. China is perfect blend of East and West. There is no google or Facebook here but almost every youth is hooked to WeChat or some other chat and they are happy and busy in texting someone on the other end.

  1. On cell phones, Keyboard is in English but language on screen is Chinese- this is again a miracle of perfect blend of technology while keeping your roots and culture intact. Metro stations are highly crowded but people walk in discipline, saw no pushes or yells. People stand in “Q” and wait for doors to open and exchange of inbound and outbound commuters happens in peaceful and noiseless environment.

    3. Youngsters respects women with kids, old people and they give up their seats for them. Mostly youth is busy on their Samsungs and Apples Chatting, Music, Videos and what I like was chirpy sound of women – “ They love to talk”.

    4. Most amazing thing I noted, there was no ogling, staring or ‘watching’ – you see almost every genre of person in such a huge rush. Although considerable skin is visible, I could not see any man ogling or every staring at any girl / woman. This was little disturbing that a country which is projected as “Aphrodisiac” hungry nation, infact respects and care for woman which we lack back home in India.

    Most young boys were seen carrying purses and bags of their girl friend or wives. In public, they don’t kiss in any romantic way but what I noticed was a very genuine, very intimate cuddling, hugging and I was very much impressed by sheer warmth in these people. This is still a riddle that while International media, projects China as highest “ Aphrodesiac” hungry civilization – but you don’t see that hunger in eyes of men , in Public. What I realized was totally opposite to this painted expression about Chinese, they care for, respects and love their women. In middle of night, at People’s Square – thousands were present on a Sunday night – youngsters with selfie handles and with their friends…life seems to be so beautiful !

    5. People are happy, prosperous and very satisfied with life. Could not see depression and worried faces. And if I go by prices – no doubt, China is a dominating force in the world. Their life standard, their paying capacity is highest in the world- I was able to see that. While common Canadian is silent, worried, depressed and lost in himself ..Chinese are open, talkative and very helpful people.

    6. Its very clean country – from roads to highly populated regions like shopping areas, roads and railway stations – you won’t see people littering as we see in India. They don’t give lane change signals,they look into mirror and change lanes. At Red Lights – they use signals if turning left or right. I could not see overspeeding.



Water Conservation at Kunjargad- A Selfless effort of Bharat Rupwal

It was a usual trekking expedition to climb #kunjargad fort, and damaged, silted water reservoirs which forced #bharatrupwal to start a massive expedition of clearing mud, stone and silt from huge reservoir, all by himself.
Without any help, or support he would climb this mountain and stay in tents, working all alone.Bharat Rupwal from Sangamner In a interview to #ajaydhamdhere of Pune , he narrated his journey from start to finish of this massive effort.
Without any Govt or NGO supporting him, only visitor was, his wife , Vice Principal of a local college in #sangamner. Facing even criticism from friends and relatives who were having grave concern about his safety, security plus input of physical labor in this age – he was not to be stopped and slowly slowly, completed all major trenches for harvesting rain water which become major life support for villagers and their livestock. Checkout his talk with Ajay Dhamdhere on youtube.

Menstruation Cycle and Trekking

There is lot of wrong information about woman trekking in menstruation cycles. I am of the view that everyone is different and periods can be a serious factor, can become life threatening too.
I will divide my point of view in low level – easy trekking and high altitude -moderate to tough level of trekking.
Most important factor which effects female body while trekking is Hemoglobin and bleeding time. Hb [ Hemoglobin ] is vital component which provides iron to all vital organs of body and BT which is known as bleeding time is time when a cut / bleeding stops. If a woman trekkers has low Hb , she is very much prone to get trouble in periods- and main symptom is nausea, weakness, vomiting which in extreme cases, may cause trekker to collapse.
Low Hb can be due to many reasons, mal nutrition, radiation / chemotherapy, medicine induced, genetic issues are common reasons – and if proper treatment is avoided, strenuous exercise of trekking may cause severe pressure on vital organs of body. Bleeding time which can be effected by being diabetic, blood thinner medicines, alcohol can be deadly as bleeding once started takes too long to stop or don’t stop. This nonstop flow can be fatal in remote regions of Himalayas.
Now, we can well imagine what would happen to a female trekker who is in high altitudes. Rigorous exercise may prove fatal and in absence of correct diagnose and treatment – too much loss of blood can happen.
Everyone is different. Get your blood tests done and do meet your Gynecologist before you set foot out. If you are fine with your pathological reports, you are good to go.
There is one more serious condition which most urban woman suffer from, Pelvic Swellings. There could be many normal or serious complications one may have but most prominent factors are : ‎Endometriosis – ‎Ectopic Pregnancy – ‎Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – ‎Ovarian Cyst.
Gynecological analysis and understanding is very much important and selection of trek should be according to fitness and experience. Please keep in mind that Himalayas do not have rescue and medical services as developed countries have – thus a negligence or ignorance can be life threatening out there.
And if one lands up into circumstances where you yourself or any fellow trekkers suffers from weakness, bleeding or pelvic pain, evacuation and bringing the trekker to lower elevation is thumb rule.

PCOS – A life threatening condition.

In a country like India, where life of a girl is under pressure from socio economic factors – suffering from PCOS is real hell to live with.
It all depends where one lives in , what is economical and educational background. There is huge difference between two girls of same age and they live in a city and a village. Today, city girls are more open to talk and discuss about theit medical issues – thanks to education and “google” – atleast they know what it could be and by the time they see a doctor, they have lot of questions and concerns for him . 🙂

PCOS, if untreated, can have severe implications. And many say there is no permanent cure.Medically, PCOS has been understood to be a complex hormonal medical condition in which the presence of immature follicles in the ovary leads to the expression of ‘male’ characteristics in a woman. This includes hirsutism, a hoarse voice, obesity and irregular periods. The expression of these symptoms could also lead to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in later life, apart from cancer of the uterus.

Mothers and Mothers-in-law, come to us to help keep the girls’ facial hair in check, or to regularise their periods. Not many think of long-term ramifications like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.”

Bengaluru-based media professional Prachi Sibal says that medically too, the issue does not get the full attention of doctors. “Most gynaecologists I have consulted prescribe over-the-counter contraceptives that have serious results like cardiovascular complications in later life,” says Sibal, who discovered she had PCOS fours years after the onset of menarche. She would have irregular periods, pain and had problems controlling her weight. She took morning sickness pills for years before she realised how harmful they are. Doctors also ask patients whether they are married or not, and if yes, whether they want to conceive. If a patient wants to conceive or not.
Today, most girls prefer not to go for kids fearing they will be passing on the gene to next generation. Here is what you should do….
1. Many doctors and educated girls thinks that PCOS is life style issue. Their marker is obesity / fat accumulation specially in central regions of body.
Most important marker is pathological investigation and besides hormonal – LFT, LIPIDS – USG helps in understanding general picture of patient.
2. Many doctors prescribe Birth Control pills as treatment- infact it again is a hormone which is pushed to handle another hormone – these pills act as RESET BUTTON and certainly are no treatment. Prolong use / abuse of Birth Control Pills has serious side effects too.
3. Following a gynaecologist  or Endocrinologist and in many cases both is perfect line of treatment. Always remember, patient suffering from PCOS are highly susceptible to chronic disease and almost all are fatal. Growth of cancer of Uterus is widely found and is highly life threatening.
4. Diet and exercise should not be tried without consultation of a dietician which will see LFT and LIPID in consideration before setting up a menu for you.

Religion, History and Democracy in India.

Is really Aurangzeb was that fool and brutal or there is some cover up in history ?
My take is – a Mughal King would never ever let a rebel grow so close to him. He could have dealt with it easily – why, what happened in real that conclusion comes into beheading of Guru. He was kept for three month in captivity before producing at royal court in Delhi.

2. Here is one of the oldest image, a painting of mother Mary – and both doesn’t look like ” white ” as been depicted later. Jesus was not a white man !ma

We were being told Aurangzeb was a cruel and bad emperor but what makes me wonder is had this been truth..
1. There would not be a single temple survived.
2. It was so easy to crush religion and sects which Emperor do not like. Who is going to stop him / them ? They were rulers and they own life and death of all subjects.
I think we need more rational approach to understand what in real happened

Religion was always deeply embedded in politics and both domains are about control.
My argument is Moghuls were very open and tolerant- much more than talibanism we see today.
In same way, had King Constantine not converted to Christianity – scene would have been very different and once royalty changed into Christianity , then starts a long rein of various theologies and all were having one aim—- CONTROL. Ironically, BJP is also doing the same and it can not happen without mass level bloodshed- we are fueling may be biggest genocide if rss is allowed to play its vicious agenda.
Coming back to history and the way it has been manipulated – I think people who do not have courage to accept history, can not be termed as brave. They may be intelligent, naive, clever but certainly not brave.
🤘 Thus democracy is false and a covert attempt to corrupt and control. Thus I conclude human mind, behaviour was /is / can not be democratic – we understand language of pressure / baton. Politicians in India are no less than monarchy – they are above law .
Lallu son is Dy. Cm
Lallu illiterate wife was CM
Sukhbir badal is Dy.CM
CAS family is in politics
Gandhi family
Schindia Family
Mehbooba family
Abdullah family
Karunanidhi family

And list is long – where is democracy in above picture ?
It is dynasty rule- power to become rich and play God.
A primary teacher with 9 kids rules most trivial state in India. And half of its tenure was covert rule.
A surrendered bandit is MP and we wants to dream ” achhey din ” ??
India was never India – unless British make it India and before them it was centuries back when Maurya Dynasty make it a big nation.

Cheena Malhotra – Upcoming Woman Photographer of India.

According to Cheena,

Expression of Art: I don’t remember how I was fascinated by camera- but I love to take pictures and my father provided me ample opportunity to try my hand with point & shoot camera. I was quick to learn, and experimented a lot by taking pictures with various settings.

It was again destiny that I was provided an opportunity to buy a DSLR and my hunt for best one ends up at NIKON 7000D and from that day onwards, my life changed.

Me, Myself and Camera: I was soon familiar with this powerful source of creativity.  So, I started going to nearby places, shooting in Pune University,  Backwaters, Sunrises and Sunsets and very soon through social media, I happen to meet like minded people who were dedicated to passion of photography.

Had an opportunity to travel distant places, learning ropes about how to handle shoot, focusing and all this in sometimes adverse weather conditions, fighting hunger, thirst, sun and rains. I enjoy …I love ….and this is what my soul belongs to. I had been to Hampi, Kokan Region of Coastal Maharashtra, North India and Bhigvan-Maharashtra for shoots.

She is busy these days in giving finishing touches to her website:
Her facebook page is also becoming popular :

Her main focus is on nature and landscape but she had tried her hand on wildlife which is a new beginning, a new experience. Cheena, is working as Software Engineer with a MNC in India and recently has finished her travel of Kerala and Sikkim in North East of India.

Bhagat Singh – The Victim

A armed revolt, and killing a British were enough charges for gettig a harsh results if get caught. Even Bhagat Singh knew- that in case he is captured, result may not be very good.
But this is also a fact that he was victimized. Indian leadership , specially Mahatama Gandhi who was in deep and direct contact with British could have tried and saved their lives.
MOTI LAL NEHRU who was busy in defending INA Gen, in RED FORT, DELHI could have helped along with his son who was having personal deep contacts with British administration.
But in reality, No one bothers to defend them. They were treated as terrorists by both British and Indian Congress.
Gandhi remain silent and whatever he showed to the media….was plastic efforts.
It may be ideology difference, or a silent warning to all revolutionaries working in North India – we must not forget that had revolutionary would have succeeded in their attempts and plans…
It wouldnt be Congress negotiating Independence with British !
It was always POWER ! POWER POWER !! and it is still the same POWER ! POWER !! and POWER !!! At any cost….at any terms.
Word DESH SEVA in fact is abuse !

British Contribution in making of modern India- A outlook

There are many among us , and almost all political parties which have been teaching us since more than 6 decades that we force British to give us freedom. That armed revolts and freedom fighters- who did bomb blasts and raised arms against British were major reason for them to handover keys of India on 15 August 1947.
That M. K Gandhi and his NON VIOLENCE plaid key role in forcing British to quit.
Today, while I was going through a post by Parveen Sethi..a writer from Ludhiana- I decided to pen down some of my views, which perhaps I have not shared earlier.
Friends ! I think, British gave us freedom- we Indians were nowhere near ‘capability’ to get it. British never took anything serious about us except one incident 1857 Mutiny and how they handled it – we all know.
Had it not been WORLD WAR – I think British would have stayed for some more decades. We can not ignore influence of Bose- because it was armed revolt with help of other countries …British were concerned but nowhere this is truth that any movement of Gandhi put them under pressure.
British faced most attacks and ‘terrorism” from Bengal…and they handled it with tight fist. So, if there is any freedom struggle which was in fact a freedom struggle – it rises with great force from Bengal.
Punjab , Its Raizadas, Maharajas …all were British spoons- always were.
This is well known to all – how lust for power …created PARTITION. Gandhi..avoided everyone…including SARDAR PATEL…for his personal preference of NEHRU. And with this destiny of India was destined. PAK was created – and its said that it was created for muslims- but there is one more fact which is still a strong proof that it exists then and even now …..FEUDAL LORDS !!
These tribes and their KING SIZE lords were always interested to have a regime which they can control – they did it !!
Same happened in INDIA too- royalty and business class, nawabs, maharajas – they all come into politics and in the name of democracy – a covert DYNASTY system started in both countries ….and what we see today is long run of this democracy in veil.
We always abuse British- they did this/that, they were brutal , they were cruel and they ruled us for 250 years…bla bla bla…but have anyone ever thought that…they made us what most of us are still today….and here are some factors…

1. RAILWAYS: British brought technology to India – all fresh 19th Cent. inventions were seen immediately here and greatest among that was RAILWAYS….some of their bridges and constructions are still intact and are working even till date.

2. MEDICAL SERVICES: British gave us medical services and much of OJHAS and HAKEEMS were evaporated…Hospitals developed by them are still working and are giving service. Most important they worked in field of MOTHER AND CHILD region. Immunization was one such domain.

3. ENGINEERING & EDUCATION : British builds roads, bridges, buildings, libraries,Theaters and introduced us to civilized life. If you want to know what we were doing in Punjab in PRE BRITISH era- you can read RANJIT SINGH era..

4. RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE: This is strange no one noticed that …they did not break temples and Gurudwaras and Mosques. Neither did they force their religion – they did not behave like NADAR SHAH or other invaders.
They taught us – how to live with others in peace. before that- we were fighting with each other.

Sometimes I try to imagine – what would be life of ours – had British were not there in 18-19th Century. I think, we all would be fighting with each others- with clans, groups…misals or some other name….
British rules with tight fist – but never bothered common man – Common man was so secure in their regime that still ..we can hear this …by old people…that what they read in news in morning…British were better than this.


This is not big achievement – and minister has not yet revealed what compromises have been made.
Chinese were pre planned – they knew their PM is going to visit – thus there was political approval for this standoff.
Even their PM assures MODI – but stand off was not taken back – again it shows, that they were having some other designs.
And then comes a line from Chinese PM – ” GET READY FOR A REGIONAL WAR”
And we see more aggression on border – and then comes INDIAN ARMY telling DELHI- Flag Meetings fail – this is political issue now – you tell us what you wanna do .
And Now, comes Sushma statement – but what we are interested to know is…what compromise has been made ?
is India leaving that height ? This height was important as India was able to see in whole valley

History Full Of Blood – North India in 18th Century

History, they say repeats itself. Our forefathers came through this road- full of so much insecurity and bloodshed. That era has its share of patriots, gallantry and treasons….so do this era. But go through the scene- I am sure many of us will agree that we are so privileged to have this life in this era !


All across the city, gunshots were heard, explosions were set off, shops were looted and houses were set on fire. Clouds and plumes of fire and smoke were soon seen in every part of the city. Persian troops stood outside the burning buildings and then slaughtered the Indians as they made their way out, trying to escape from the fire, smoke and flames. Men were chased down alleyways and killed. Women were assaulted, raped and abducted, some had their breasts hacked off whilst others chose to commit suicide. Children had their bellies ripped open whilst babies were torn from their mothers’ arms, swung by their ankles and had their heads smashed against walls. The cries, shrieks and screams of those being killed, chilled everyone who heard them.
Areas of Delhi such as Chandni Chowk and Dariba Kalan, Fatehpuri, Faiz Bazar, Hauz Kazi, Johri Bazar and the Lahori, Ajmeri and Kabuli gates, all of which were densely populated by both Hindus and Muslims, were soon covered with corpses. Muslims, like Hindus and Sikhs, resorted to killing their women, children and themselves rather than submit to the Persians.
In the words of the Tazkira:
“Here and there some opposition was offered, but in most places people were butchered unresistingly. The Persians laid violent hands on everything and everybody. For a long time, streets remained strewn with corpses, as the walks of a garden with dead leaves and flowers. The town was reduced to ashes.”
Muhammad Shah was forced to beg for mercy.These horrific events were recorded in contemporary chronicles such as the Tarikh-e-Hindi of Rustam Ali, the Bayan-e-Waqai of Abdul Karim and the Tazkira of Anand Ram Mukhlis.
Finally, after many hours of desperate pleading by the Mughals for mercy, Nadir Shah relented and signalled a halt to the bloodshed by sheathing his battle sword once again
Casualties: It has been estimated that during the course of six hours in one day, 22 March 1739, something like 20,000 to 30,000 Indian men, women and children were slaughtered by the Persian troops during the massacre in the city.[2] Exact casualty figures are uncertain, as after the massacre, the bodies of the victims were simply buried in mass burial pits or cremated in grand funeral pyres without any proper record being made of the numbers cremated or buried

Sikhs free slaves
Meahwhile, The Khalsa bands got together and passed a resolution: “Nadir Shah must deliver a part of the booty he was carrying away from Delhi.” Nadir, on the other hand, felt that his reputation was a sufficient deterrent to anyone attacking him on the way. He had chosen the route along the foothills of the northern mountains to escape the heat of the plains. His baggage train being heavy-laden, lagged well behind his main force, and it was quite a shock for him to hear on reaching Akhnoor by the river Chenab, that all his slaves had been freed by Sikh bands, who had also seized a large share of his gold. Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia who had just turned 21, showed a glimpse of his greatness as a leader by planning those raids, and by escorting the freed maidens to responsible homes from where they could return to their families.
Zakaria Khan had accompanied Nadir Shah to Akhnoor, and Nadir asked Zakaria Khan who those Sikhs were. On being told that they were all bands of poor sadhus, without clothing or riches, he asked;
“Then why don’t you burn their houses down to punish them ?”
To that Zakaria replied,
“Their only homes are the saddles of their horses. They can last long periods without food and rest. They are known to sleep on horseback. We have put prizes on their heads, but their numbers keep increasing. They are never despondent, but are always singing the songs of their Pirs.” With a sigh, Nadir admitted that in that case the Sikhs would one day rule the land. Then he obtained a promise of a tribute of 2 million Rupees annually from Lahore, and confirmed the appointment of Zakaria Khan at Lahore and of his son Shah Nawaz Khan at Multan (where Abdus Samad Khan had just died).

Dareblue Technologies, A Indo-Canada joint venture

A new venture in Software technology between Canada and India. They are soon collaborating with small and big companies in BC for providing best and latest in IT Solutions.

We deliver enterprise software solutions to automate and optimize complex business processes. With number of successful implementations and experience with Oracle and Non-Oracle applications, middleware and hardware, Dareblue Technologies is able to deliver complete solutions that bring real business value and accelerate enterprise business strategy.

We also provide services for Website Design and Development, maintenance and support. Our dedicated team of designers and experts in website building, have been developing Out of the Box Websites for enhancing client’s presence online, along with social media management services.

Ajay Dhamdere of Pune – Releasing New Book on Treks of Sahyadri Mountains

Ajay Dhamdere of Pune
Ajay Dhamdere of Pune

Mr. Ajay Dhamdere of Pune- is going to publish a new dimension book on treks of Sahyadri mountains. Not a detailed what and where to go…but through eyes of a trekker- what he sees and where he should head to.

ABOUT AJAY DHAMDERE:  A multi dimensional personality. Climber, trekker, musician and photographer he is main spine of himadventures for operations in SAHYADRI MOUNTAIN RANGE. He has done Advance Mountaineering Course.

We will coming back with details as soon as it comes out from Publishers desk !

Snowfall at Rohtang Pass in May

As northern India is facing an intense heat wave, Rohtang Pass in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh has emerged as a “hot spot” for tourists escaping the searing heat of the plains.

The 13,000-foot-high Rohtang Pass was opened to tourists last week. It’s the highest point on one key road in the region.

The pass is an important destination on the itinerary of tourists visiting the picturesque Kullu valley and also an adventurer’s dream destination.

A variety of adventure activities like ski scooters, snow tubes, skiing, sleigh and yak rides attract thousands of tourists every day to the scenic area.

Tourists visiting the area are extremely excited about seeing snow in the middle of a summer season.

[Amit, Tourist]:

“Look at the snow, which is coming mildly. Although it’s very cold but I’m actually enjoying it… This is my first time. Can you believe it? I’m 33 years old and this is the first time in my life I’ve seen snow falling like this. I’ve seen snow covered mountains but I have not seen snow falling like this so this is an awesome experience.”

Though the snow brought a chill in the air, the cold did not dampen the spirits of the tourists.


Some memories of Sjoba Rally-2009


SJOBA is the alumni association of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh, voted as amongst the top 10 schools in the country by Outlook magazine. SJOBA was founded in 1980 and now has over 2,500 strong members and a global presence with a Chapter of the Americas also. Apart from the Rally, SJOBA organizes various events through the year like the SJOBA Winter Ball,  Blood Donation Camp and the Mini Marathon.

The idea of Motor Sport came into being, when SJOBA decided to do something for the region. Ideas were thrown about and SJOBA decided that motor sports would be its forte. So, the first SJOBA Motorcycle rally was held in 1981 and this graduated to the SJOBA Open Rally in 1982 where, for the first time, amateurs in the region were exposed to motor sports in a professional way.

Mazda and It’ methods of business in Canada.

My recent interaction with Mazda Canada [ @mazdacanada ] forced me to pen down my experience which was not only shocking but also unacceptable in a country like Canada.
First of all , let us explore their product and specially the one, for which I choose #mazda over #honda. Compact SUV CX-5 managed to leave a impression as soon as I saw this car. I was specially impressed by  innovation Mazda of Japan has done to compete in market which was mostly taken by HONDA CRV, TOYOTA RAV 4 and NISSAN ROGUE, although SANTA FE from HUNDAI also managed to make its presence felt.
Although a big HONDA fan, I decided to go with CX-5 while family members were not that keen for it- almost everyone asked me to go for HONDA if not ROGUE.
Anyway, talking with SALES team at #abbotsfordautomall made me sure that whatever is being told to me , has lot of margin in that. I was offered different figures by two different sales persons.
I had decided to go with #vipmazda- and the day, I was all set for delivery, I came to know about two different / new information which was not told me earlier.
1. Warranty [ Bumper to bumper is for three years only ]
2. You have to buy INSURANCE plan from dealer only.

VIP MAZDA @vipmazda #vipmazda informed me for insurance amount being 1 million which was raised to 2 million by me voluntarily because all our vehicles are insured for 2 millions. #vipmazda people didn’t guide or help that I could have shifted my insurance policy from OLD TRUCK to this new car. The guy over there was interested in selling a policy than helping client.

I raised question by tweeting them @mazdacanada and I was informed that some sort of inquiry / looking into this complaint will be done. But what I got was reasons and arguments which were COVER UP and certainly not based on truth or facts.
#vipmazda did not reply back when told that their arguments are wrong and untrue because it was never amount of insurance which was reason/ discussion point there – they asked for 1 million > I escalated to 2 million and after 2 weeks I further enhanced it to 5 million.
CONCLUSION: @mazda #mazda is very good vehicle, good technology but if you have made up your mind , DO NOT buy from such dealers.


Woman in China

Woman in China is secure, enjoys her freedom and works very hard in whatever field she is working into. China, as Asia’s biggest economy and manufacturing giant, no doubt has a very strong and dedicated female participation in this achievement.

One can see Chinese woman working almost in every field like shops, cabs, hotels, restaurants, bus drivers, agents, taxi drivers besides they are in traditional sectors like Education, Army, Hospitals and in factories manufacturing almost everything in the world.

This was a pleasant experience to see them enjoying their freedom, as they almost seems to be in total control in hospitality sector of Chinese Railways, Chinese Airports /Planes/Airports , Chinese Bus Stands and they work shoulder to shoulder with male counterparts without any visible discomfort.
During my stay of two weeks and travelling extensively from Shanghai to Tibetan Plateau, not a single time I was able to see any man taking interest in any woman, ogling or staring at someone. Now, this observation also includes those faces too, which I marked as “Not Good” .
I saw them travelling alone late night metros and bus services and even driving cabs in night. As a India born, such sight in a Asian country, I am sure is rare. A strong economy comes from a safe and secure woman. I am sue, India has to learn a lot from China. What Chinese aggression and heavy headedness is promoted by international media – I could not see any such trait in them.
I haven’t noticed anywhere in China where they are going “over” – it looks as they know and understand importance, responsibility of their role and they are equally acknowledged by their companion and families.
Chines do not show much “ Westernized “ emotions in public and love and romance is limited to hugs, a arm around waist like gestures. Husbands/ Boyfriends were seen holding woman purses – and she was leaning to his arm or freely walking carrying herself like a queen.
One more thing, which I so far, could not see is, anger and aggression in male voice while interacting with woman in public. And not only anger or aggression, I have yet to see teasing, leg pulling like common male traits. I don’t think such behavior might not be there, but it seems they are careful in their conduct in public.

I had my share of crooked and pissed of woman working in pharmacies and shops, where they were least interested in exploring ways to communicate with a alien, they simply negate..” May Yo “ is big NO, as soon as you try to make a conversation. But such simple and natural experiences are acceptable in a country where Non-Chinese speaking people are aliens.